Natural home-based treatments for optimal ear and brain health

Sound Therapy is a portable listening program which uses specially recorded classical music and stories on a tiny player to stimulate your brain and rehabilitate your ear.

Sound Therapy addresses the root causes of conditions such as:

Our are safe and effective for all ages, from young children through to the elderly.

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"Sound Therapy is recognized as a breakthrough in auditory neurophysiology, and the Joudrys had the initiative to make the program portable and accessible."
Dr. Bradford S. Weeks M.D.
The Weeks Corrective Health Clinic
Washington State, USA
"I have found Sound Therapy to be a valuable instrument, which brings the healing effects of music and science to assist in repairing disorders of the body and emotions."
Maurie D. Pressman M.D.
Emeritus Chairman of Psychiatry
Albert Einstein Medical Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Backed by Research

Dr Alfred Tomatis

Renowned French ear specialist Dr Alfred Tomatis (1920 - 2001) established a link between the sounds we hear and our functioning in speech, learning, energy and stress.

Dr Tomatis developed a method of treating the ear with sound. Research into the Tomatis method has focused on and , and has also ranged from to hearing and .

Your Personal Consultant

Simone Collins

Simone Collins BSc BCM is a qualified Sound Therapy consultant based in Canning Vale in metro Perth, Western Australia.

Simone successfully treated her own tinnitus and hearing loss with Sound Therapy in 2003, and has been working with Sound Therapy ever since.

With degrees in physics, IT systems and applied maths, Simone loves how Sound Therapy not only combines two of her passions - music and natural healing - but also has sound science behind its methodology.

Learn more about Simone