When will I see results?

Responses to Sound Therapy differ slightly, but in general people notice:

  • An improvement in sleep on the first night
  • An energy breakthrough can take a few weeks or months, or may not be noticed at all; it may be preceded by a period of tiredness, or may happen suddenly
  • Changes in hearing or tinnitus may occur in as little as 2 weeks or can take several months


"My hearing has improved to such an extent that I seldom have to use my hearing aid." - Dan Stuckel

"I haven't had an epileptic seizure now for over four years. It has given me back my life!" - Hilary Peart

"My tinnitus, which my doctor said was incurable, was cured." - Gertrude Rempel Brown

"A great cure for jet lag." - Don Kala

"Our son says a lot of people don't even know he has dyslexia anymore." - Judy & Gerrit Westerhof

"I don't get headaches anymore." - Emily aged 10

"For the first time in many years I am able to lie and go to sleep without taking any pills!" - Wanda S. Harrison

"I have noticed a remarkable change in my child's speech." - Marjorie Karpan

"Instant relief from stress / fear / anxiety. Decreased appetite for sweet food." - Shea

"It's performance enhancing - it's life enhancing. " - Sarkis Dueihi

"I can still move around at 150 miles an hour but feel serene doing it." - George Popov


Benefits of using Sound Therapy

We are all bombarded with low frequency noise every day, from electrical appliances and vehicles. Listening to the soothing sounds of Sound Therapy provides benefits to everyone, including those of us who consider ourselves to be very healthy.

The range of benefits that are experienced and the time it takes to occur varies from one individual to another. Your own experience will likewise be unique.

Brain and nerves

Communication and speech

Energy and sleep

Hearing and ear problems

Learning and development

Mood, emotions and behaviour

Other areas

Sound Therapy listeners have also reported an improvement in various skills, including driving, , and in particular, such as composing, dancing, piano tuning, singing, and musical appreciation.


Sound Therapy presents the ear with alternating frequencies to stimulate and active the ear mechanism and brain pathways. While this treatment has had a wide variety of benefits for various individuals, we cannot guarantee any particular result. When you undertake Sound Therapy, it is with this understanding, as each nervous systems is unique and will respond differently to the program. It is highly likely, if you persist with the program, that you will experience benefits, but we cannot predict nor guarantee what those will be.

Any information provided on this site does not constitute a diagnosis or medical advice. For medical advice or if symptoms persist, please see your doctor or health professional.