Improving Energy Levels & Fatigue with Sound Therapy

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Our energy level is determined by the functioning of chemical systems and nerve impulses throughout the body. Exhaustion and chronic fatigue are related to life stresses and metabolic deficiencies.

Neural activity (the passage of information along our nerves) resembles electricity in several ways. The potential for excitation of the nerve synapses depends on the level of energy charge in the brain. The brain acts like a battery which is constantly being either charged or discharged.

Through his study of embryology, Dr Alfred Tomatis realised that the first sounds we hear are high frequency sounds, as the area of the cochlea which detects high frequencies is the first to develop. Dr Tomatis showed that high frequency sounds serve as a vital and necessary stimulant for cortical activity, i.e. the brain needs high frequencies in order to be fully functional. The electrical charge of the brain needs to be regularly replenished, and Tomatis discovered a way to do this by using specially processed sounds.

Dr Tomatis contends that the most important function of the ear is to charge the brain through the stimulation of sound. Failure of the ear to provide sufficient recharge to the brain results in fatigue and inefficient mental processes.

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Noise Pollution and Energy Levels

Noise is one of the biggest contributors to fatigue. The ear is directly linked by nerve paths to many other body organs - in fact, 10 of our 12 cranial nerves connect to the ear - so the sounds we hear have an immediate effect on our whole system.

Dr Tomatis discovered that the ear is intended to hear mainly high frequency sounds, because most of the sensory cells in the inner ear are accumulated in the high frequency zone. It is the high frequency sounds which replenish the brain's energy.

Unfortunately, most of the sounds we hear with our mechanized, urbanized lifestyle are low frequency sounds. Traffic, factories, household appliances, refrigerators, fluorescent lights and even computers put out a low frequency drone which drains the brain of energy.

To remain healthy and fully charged, the brain must receive three billion stimuli per second for at least four and a half hours per day. This level of stimulation can only be achieved if the ear is regularly exposed to high frequency sound.

Notice how different you feel after a day in natural surroundings, hearing only the high frequency sounds of nature - bird songs, wind and running water. These sounds stimulate the ear in a way that releases latent energy in the brain. The nervous system can then function more efficiently, reducing stress and increasing energy levels.

How Sound Therapy can help increase your energy levels

A regular dose of interesting and varied high frequency sound stimulates the cortex of the brain, releasing latent energy and building brain connections. As a result, energy levels are usually increased and new aptitudes are often developed.

Sound Therapy International programs use classical music that has been filtered through a specialist device - the Electronic Ear designed by Dr Tomatis - using specific algorithms and activation filters and the addition of higher harmonics.

The fluctuating high and low tones and boosted high frequencies which are added by the Sound Therapy filtering system stimulate the middle ear muscles in a unique way to restore tone to the musculature of the ear. As the middle ear muscles are toned by Sound Therapy, the high frequency sounds that can once again reach the inner ear stimulate the brain.

The neurons of the cortex are charged up by the auditory stimulus of Sound Therapy. Direct vibrational stimulation of the nervous system can calm stress reactions and improve chemical transmission.

Our Sound Therapy programs are clinically proven, used in hundreds of clinics for over 60 years, and available in a portable format for over 25 years.

Learn more about what Sound Therapy is and and how it .

How to use Sound Therapy to boost your energy levels.

Sound Therapy gives us an opportunity to listen to healing, high frequency sounds even in the midst of a busy, noisy environment. Listening to these albums for three hours per day during normal daily activities helps compensate for the draining effect of low frequency noise.

You can use a Sound Therapy International program in the comfort of your own home or while going about your normal day-to-day activities - there is no need to travel to a clinic for regular treatment.

Using Sound Therapy to improve your hearing is simply a matter of putting the headphones on and listening to your Sound Therapy program at a low volume.

Most listeners notice an effect on their energy levels after 6 weeks to 3 months of listening. Some people have an immediately noticeable increase in energy, while others observe a gradual change over time.

Some may notice a seasonal difference. One listener who was normally exhausted by the summer heat found that with Sound Therapy her energy level remained high all summer.

Listening Foundation Program

Which Sound Therapy International Program should I use?

For adults and teenagers, the best Sound Therapy program to use for boosting your energy level is the Listening Foundation Program.

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Listener's Success Stories

Dear Simone
I have read the book and found it most interesting. I started listening on Saturday and am quite pleased with how it's going, although I can't hear a thing in my left ear (the one with signifacant hearing loss). I already feel as though I have more energy and feel my sleep is improving.
27 March 2013
There has been improvement and that in itself is exciting as mainstream consultants have not promised much. I hear my music with more relaxed intensity and happiness. I have more regular energy and sleep better. Thank you for providing me with such capacities.
Name withheld
Melbourne, Australia
4 September 2012
After 2 weeks of Sound Therapy
hi Simone
i am noticing a few positive changes
my level of inner peace
more energy
better sleep
manual tasks eg gardening are more fun
ears feel more open
April 2011
After a few days of Sound Therapy
The fatigue was not only alleviated, it was totally gone, with energy to burn. There was this new intensity to my workouts, my work had a new spark, and my life felt energised. When the ear aches dispersed, there came a new sense of balance and proprioception. There was clarity in my brain, not just in my mind.
Sarkis Houeihi
Sydney, Australia
I did experience the energy breakthrough. For about a week prior, I had found myself literally at loose ends, unable to make decisions, not really wanting to do ANYTHING.
On Tuesday the 17th, I had to force myself to get up at 10:30 am and dragged through the rest of the day and evening. The next morning I awoke feeling like a new person, so full of energy I couldn't decide what to do first. This is a new experience for me! I simply can't believe how much energy I have!
Wanda Harrison
Michigan, USA
I felt always harried, often exhausted and needed eight or nine hours sleep a night; now five or six suffice, and I awake deeply rested and with a supply of energy which remains constant throughout my long days.
Courtney Milne
Saskatchewan, Canada
If I feel tired and I listen to the tapes, I instantly recover./dd>
Wendy Smith
Three days after beginning Sound Therapy I travelled by coach to Brisbane, normally an exhausting procedure, playing the tapes throughout the journey, slept soundly and arrived full of energy into heat wave conditions, spent the afternoon sight seeing at a rapid pace.
The second benefit was being able to to cut my sleeping time down from nine to seven hours per night for the first time in my life, thus enabling me to get more done. The extra energy has been such a bonus that I don't care about the acuity of my hearing though I'm sure it's much improved.
I don't go anywhere without my Walkman, tapes and battery charger. Even walking round the city is not the exhausting experience it used to be.
Margaret Owen
Balgowah, NSW
I have recently been working a twelve hour shift, doing private duty on a stressful case. Before Sound Therapy, I did well to get out of bed and work just eight hours, and never kept a clean house. During this case, I am able to do chores at home too. I listen a short time and get twice the amount of projects accomplished.
Reba Adams
Texas, USA
I have spent a lifetime surrounded by a good deal of noise, but always had sufficient energy until about 1972. I was building my house and using power saws and an assortment of very loud motorized tools. After less than a year of this, my energy level dropped to virtually nil - five minutes of work followed by thirty minutes of rest. It got progressively worse, and I was very worried. Loud sounds drove me frantic.
Sound Therapy has transformed my life. I've been listening to the tapes for two months, and while I started feeling subtle effects almost immediately, the real change occurred about five weeks into the program.
Energy is greatly increased; stamina and endurance greatly improved. I sleep from two to four hours a night and awake feeling marvellous. Just call me Lazarus!

James Bragg
Kentucky, USA
I have had some beautiful benefits from using the tapes - trebled energy, less sleep needed, steadier moods, more focused concentration - and I have notes in the top of my vocal range which are brand new.

Melanie King
Melbourne, Australia
I was introduced to the Sound Therapy cassette system in the winter of I983, and began listening to the music on the day that I purchased my Sony Walkman in Miami. I listened for about six hours a day during the first three days, while making my way about through the noise and confusion of that city, and also during the flight back to my island of Eleuthera.
After these three days I was aware of an energy and mental clarity such as I had not experienced since before entering University, many years earlier.
One notable happening during the first week was that, whereas I had never before had the patience - or stamina at the end of a day of seeing patients - to play Backgammon with my young daughter, as she constantly pleaded for me to do, I could now spend a whole evening with her at this game, wearing my headphones and listening to the therapy music. Thus, there was an immediate improvement in family harmony!

Dr Cliff Bacchus
Eleuthera, Bahamas
I suffer from MS and have been listening to the Sound Therapy tapes for about three months. I have had great luck in stabilizing my energy and can carry on normally. Nothing else I have done has helped me the way the tapes have.
The M stands for multiple or many, and so I need to do a lot of things, but the tapes really have helped bring it all together and make it worthwhile. They are a life saver to me. They also keep headaches at bay.
Lorna Graham
Nebraska, USA
I have done things in the last year which I have been putting off for 10 years.
P.J. Talty
I no longer feel as though I have stones to walk over or hills to climb or books I cannot read. I am far more creative and happy.
Jean Walker

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Sound Therapy book

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The book Sound Therapy: Music to Recharge Your Brain details the history of Sound Therapy and how sound can be used to enhance auditory pathways and improve brain function.

Updated in late 2009, it includes the most recent updates on related research include neuroplasticity.

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