Improving Sleep with Sound Therapy

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The purpose of sleep is to replenish the brain's energy. Sound Therapy also replenishes the brain's energy, making it easy to fall asleep and experience deeper, more refreshing sleep.

High frequency sounds (over 8,000 Hz) replenish the brain's energy in the same way that sleep does. If the brain receives adequate stimulation from high frequency sound, then the need for sleep is reduced. These frequencies also act on the hypothalamus and other brain centres associated with attention, calming a busy mind so that it is easier to drift off to sleep.

A survey of Sound Therapy listeners indicates that 70% - 80% of Sound Therapy Listeners notice an improvement in their sleep, with most noticing an improvement in their sleep even on the first night.

What is Sound Therapy?

Sound Therapy International programs use classical music that has been filtered through a specialist device - the Electronic Ear designed by ear specialist Dr Tomatis - using specific algorithms and activation filters and the addition of higher harmonics.

The fluctuating high and low tones and boosted high frequencies which are added by the Sound Therapy filtering system stimulate the middle ear muscles in a unique way to restore tone to the musculature of the ear. As the middle ear muscles are toned by Sound Therapy, the high frequency sounds that can once again reach the inner ear stimulate the brain and improve the functioning of the whole nervous system.

A Sound Therapy listener is less likely to accumulate tiredness during the day and displays energized tranquility that enables rest. Sound Therapy can improve the quality of sleep, producing a profoundly restful slumber even for people who are restless sleepers.

Learn more about what Sound Therapy is and and how it .


Many insomniacs have experienced an immediate and dramatic improvement in their sleep by using Sound Therapy.

There are two main ways in which Sound Therapy can help overcome insomnia:

I am progressing well with the program, I am now beginning on week 2. I am already seeing good results in my sleep, I only had one bad night since beginning the program. I have read the book, and plan to read again, it is quite inspiring.
Viviane Branderhorst
Perth, Australia
23 December 2013
Hi Simone, I have been doing Sound Therapy for 5 weeks now, and I have definitely noticed a big improvement in my severe insomnia. I have had chronic Lyme Disease for 23 years and extreme insomnia for well over a decade. So this is really a huge improvement to sleep a lot better most nights. I have even woken up laughing twice in the last couple of weeks, whereas before the little sleep I got produced horrendous nightmares.
Tamara Daly
Minnesota USA
7 June 2013
I am using the system daily for around six hours.
I am much calmer and reading more as well as sleeping better and I have no doubt I am absorbing more when I read.
Last night I went to sleep at 11 pm and woke once at 3.30 am and went to sleep again till 6.20 am. My normal night was sleep for three hours and wake every hour or hour and a half and rise at 5 am.
I as a therapist with a 33 year back ground have studied and tried every natural sleep remedy including herbs and supplements I could find. I wont touch medical drugs but when I did years ago I had a hangover that was worse than the the tiredness I had from lack of sleep. Over the last ten years I have listened to every thing and anything that was advertised including zen, gregorian and binaural. Nothing worked for me, in fact I have spent literally thousands on sleep remedies to no avail. I also used most of what I have tried on myself with my own patients who had sleep problems with much success which may sound contradictory but people came to me to help with their sleep complaints and helped 95% of them.
I have literally become a sleep expert trying to sort my own disorder however the only thing that has worked for me so far is Tomatis therapy and I have been using it only three weeks.
I write this with a background in Medical scanning, Naturopathy, Neuro feedback and biofeedback therapy.
M phone number is 0405 514 409 should anyone want to confirm validity.
PS now I can send you the 5% I cant help Simone
Will Bayley
Perth, Australia
28 November 2012 & 9 December 2012
One thing to report at this stage - Pete slept through the night last night, something that has only happened on a couple of occasions in the last 15+ years. He has also woken up refreshed the last 2 days. We look forward to more improvements.
October 2011
Perth, Western Australia
After 2 days of Sound Therapy
Sound Therapy is fantastic for an overtired baby!
We'd had friends over, and the little ones refused to go to sleep until after 9pm. Little Eva (2 years old) woke up 2 hours later screaming. She wasn't too hot or too cold. She didn't need a nappy change. She didn't appear to be unwell or in pain. If we asked her a question, such as whether she'd like a drink of milk, she'd stop for a moment to consider the question, then resume screaming. After 10 minutes of this, we figured that she was just overstimulated, so I decided to give Sound Therapy a go. I plugged my player into my ipillow and turned it on. Well! She instantly stopped screaming, sat up and asked for a drink of milk, and after she had finished her drink, she lay down on the ipillow and went to sleep. We were stunned.
Simone Carot Collins
Perth, Western Australia
For the first time in many years I am able to lie and go to sleep without taking any pills! This alone makes me feel like a new person, not to be tied to the bottle of tranquilizers at bed time and particularly to wake up after 4-5 hours of sleep feeling totally refreshed and no morning 'blahs'. My memory is much clearer as are my thought processes as well as my writing ability.
Wanda Harrison
Michigan, USA
I used to take hours to get to sleep. Now 10 minutes. My husband is now doing the therapy and for starters has stopped snoring.
Helen Schatzley

Deeper, better sleep

Deep sleep (medically termed "hypersomnia") is the most essential type of sleep for our well being. Dreaming sleep or REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is a lighter sleep, and with Sound Therapy it may be reduced in length without ill effects. Sound Therapy listeners usually find they need 1 - 3 hours less sleep per night.

Though Sound Therapy aims to recharge the brain for activity during the day, it can also have a calming effect which enables one to slip easily and quickly into sleep. While the brain and the nervous system are stimulated by the sound, an active serenity may be experienced, which also allows for deep rest.

I have been using ST program since two weeks now. I must say I already start to notice the difference in sleep quality and neck tension. I am really eager to continue.
J Bene
10 November 2012
I feel that I sleep deeper. Very good.
Carol P
March 2012
After 2 weeks of Sound Therapy
hi Simone
i am noticing a few positive changes
my level of inner peace
more energy
better sleep
manual tasks eg gardening are more fun
ears feel more open
April 2011
After a few days of Sound Therapy
I listened dutifully to the tapes for over 200 hours (averaging 6 to 7 hours a day) until a remarkable change occurred in my sleeping patterns. I began to awake at 5:30 in the morning after 5 to 6 hours sleep, and was fully refreshed and ready to leap into action. Previously I needed 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep per night.
I am now a morning member of a gym and have plenty of time to pursue study interests, all before leaving for work. I am continuing to listen and maintain my new sleeping patterns.
I have also noticed that I rarely get a stiff neck working at my desk. I often listen while engaged in work and find my concentration is excellent.
I feel I am very lucky to have accidentally discovered Sound Therapy and would heartily recommend it to anyone, particularly those wanting to get more out of life.
A 29 year old lawyer
I have always required eight hours of heavy duty sleep. Now I often wake up in the night, after only three to four hours sleep, snap my eyes open, stretch and feel ready to tackle whatever may be coming my way. I do not always rise to the occasion, preferring the comfort and warmth of the bed. But there is none of the old tossing and turning. I lie peacefully, pursuing my ranging thoughts, making promises and programs for the hours and days to come, as I am now able to concentrate my energy into a basic force that is not easily sidetracked.
I see others fade; I am fresh and eager for the next encounter. If I feel the approach of tiredness, I simply lie down for a few minutes with the music and drift into rest, rising calmed, refreshed and ready to carry on.
Linda Taylor Anderson
Florida, USA
I felt always harried, often exhausted and needed eight or nine hours sleep a night; now five or six suffice, and I awake deeply rested and with a supply of energy which remains constant throughout my long days.
Courtney Milne
Saskatchewan, Canada
Deep, refreshing sleep - requirements shortened by 1-2 hours.
Hans Wuelfert
The therapy has enabled me to cut my sleeping time down from nine to seven hours per night for the first time in my life, thus enabling me to get more done.
Margaret Owen
I sleep from two to four hours a night and awake feeling marvellous. Just call me Lazarus!
James Bragg
I require less sleep to 're-charge'.
Barbara Braithwaite


While neurologists see dreaming as a random firing of nervous energy based on past images, some psychotherapists believe that dreaming is one of the most important indications of our emotional healing and the state of our inner psyche. Whatever the case, the changes in dreams experienced through listening to Sound Therapy indicate a re-ordering of the brain and psyche in a positive way.

Some of the changes reported by Sound Therapy listeners include:

After ten days of listening, there was a change in the character of my dreams. I had had great difficulty in remembering my dreams, while knowing that they usually verged on the nightmarish. Listening to the therapy music for a time before going to sleep, I began having vivid, happy dreams, with the clarity and purity of childhood dreams: sailing away on a Caribbean cruise; flying through the high air from Hawaii to Tahiti. I also remembered the dreams in detail.
I now sleep better, think better, write better, and am eager to get all my patients onto Sound Therapy - particularly the pregnant women, and the children with learning problems.
Dr Cliff Bacchus
Eleuthera, Bahamas
I now wake earlier with less tossing and turning, and my dreams are less scary.
T.H. Robillard
Our eleven year old son reports that he "never slept better in his whole life." He had been troubled with terrible nightmares. He now will not part with, nor go to bed without Tape # 1 in your program. Thank you so much.
Helen Hill
Saskatchewan, Canada

How to use Sound Therapy to improve your sleep

Using Sound Therapy to improve your sleep is simply a matter of putting the headphones on and listening to your Sound Therapy program at a low volume.

You can use a Sound Therapy International program in the comfort of your own home - there is no need to travel to a clinic for regular treatment.

You need to develop a listening routine that suits your needs and is appropriate to your individual response to the program. Some Sound Therapy listeners find it suits them best to listen:

These Sound Therapy programs are clinically proven, used in hundreds of clinics for over 60 years, and available in a portable format for over 25 years.

Listening Foundation Program

Which Sound Therapy International Program should I use?

For adults and teenagers, the best Sound Therapy program to use for improving sleep is the Listening Foundation Program. For very young children, listening through an ipillow works very well for calming children at sleep time.

For children under 12, a variety of age-appropriate children's programs are available

Get started with Sound Therapy now!

Hi Simone, One of the major new benefits I've noticed this time is with sleep. If I wake up in the night and can't get back to sleep, I've put the sound on and I'm asleep within about 10 mins compared to staying awake for hours.
Lin Anderson
Beelerup, Western Australia
1 December 2016
6 weeks of listening
Dear Simone
I have read the book and found it most interesting. I started listening on Saturday and am quite pleased with how it's going, although I can't hear a thing in my left ear (the one with signifacant hearing loss). I already feel as though I have more energy and feel my sleep is improving.
27 March 2013
There has been improvement and that in itself is exciting as mainstream consultants have not promised much. I hear my music with more relaxed intensity and happiness. I have more regular energy and sleep better. Thank you for providing me with such capacities.
Name withheld
Melbourne, Australia
4 September 2012
After 2 weeks of Sound Therapy
I have been using sound therapy already 3 years I am at level two with the mini mx 1 and it has done miracles my tinnitus is practically gone I only hear it when im stressed or very fatigued. I sleep better, my concentration level in school has increased. I am planning to get the mini mx 2 for the level 3 continuation by 2013, this is the best investment I have put my money into.
David Dolhomut
Montreal, Canada
1 September 2012
I have been using Sound Therapy for a week and I am amazed that the quality of my sleep is notably improved . The music is very easy to listen to and the mini mx 2 is easy to use and inconspicuous. I carry on with my normal daily tasks and forget I have it on so I can very easily get at least 4 hrs of listening in /day. I also feel it gives me a sense of calm.
Madeleine Lovell
September 2012
My sleep is markedly improved. I now have deep, restful sleep and wake without any hangover of drowsiness.
Mrs P. Campden
Probably the most spectacular result was my sleeping patterns. After about a month on the therapy I started to sleep very soundly.
Dr Vera Sauran
I awake deeply rested and with a supply of energy which remains constant throughout my long days.
Courtney Milne
I sleep better, am calmer, and wake up ready to get up and start the day. The tapes are worth three times their weight in gold to me.
Kathleen Boyd Sharp
I am able to sleep better and can do with much less sleep than previously required.
Dan Stuckel
I felt so energized that I went from needing 8-9 hours sleep a night, to only 7. Many times since, I have woken up feeling fully rested after only 5 or 6 hours of sleep.
Sound Therapy has certainly made a great difference to the enjoyment of my life. My ears and I are very grateful.
Julia Angel Gulenc
Moorabin, Victoria, Australia

Want more information?

Sound Therapy book

Want to learn more before trying Sound Therapy for your sleeping problem?

The book Sound Therapy: Music to Recharge Your Brain details the history of Sound Therapy and how sound can be used to enhance auditory pathways and improve brain function.

Updated in late 2009, it includes the most recent updates on related research include neuroplasticity.

Or contact us with your specific enquiry.