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Sport Abilities and Sound Therapy

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Advances in the fields of learning difficulties and chiropractic neurology clearly indicate that co-ordination, spatial calculation and response speed can be stimulated if auditory processing is improved. The part of the brain now known to be intimately involved in this connection is the cerebellum, which integrates many of the automatic functions of the body.

Athletes of all levels stand to improve their performance through the use of Sound Therapy. Though sports performance may seem a far cry from listening to music, they are in fact closely related: movement and music are two different, but very effective, ways of stimulating the brain.

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How Sound Therapy can help athletes

Sound Therapy may assist with sports performance for a wide range of people, from those who have poor co-ordination to top level athletes wishing to maximise their abilities.

Some of the specific ways that Sound Therapy may improve sports performance include: