Analogue Sound Therapy on Digital Playback

The older Sound Therapy books insist that Sound Therapy must use analogue sound, so why is it now on digital players? The simple answer is that cassette players are no longer available. Fortunately, technology has advanced enough to enable Sound Therapy to work digitally.

Up until late 2006, the Sound Therapy International listening programs were only available on cassette, as analogue sound is more therapeutic than digital. A digital signal is artificial and does not convey the full range of sound, instead approximating sounds in smaller steps. High frequencies can come across quite distorted when converted to digital.

However, due to the winding down of the analogue industry and unavailability of equipment, Sound Therapy can no longer be produced on cassette. With improvements in technology and a careful transfer process, it is possible to retain the therapeutic elements of analogue sound while offering a digital product.

While digital sound is used for the final playback stage, the entire recording, mastering, activation and filtering processes are still carried out on analogue sound, using reel-to-reel tape and a full analogue studio.

The final digital conversion is done using superior technology on real time with the top sampling rate available. Our digital copies are made at slow speed with careful monitoring to retain high frequency information. The use of digital technology only in the very final stage allows us to retain the great majority of analogue qualities.

Specialized Processes

The Sound Therapy programs are now produced in an uncompressed digital format which uses two specialized processes to ensure accurate and harmonic rich playback.

MP Process

The MP (Minimized Polynomial Non-Linear Saturation) Process evenly generates higher harmonics from the entire audio bandwidth. The even order harmonics create harmonized, warm and comfortable sound, while the right amount of odd order harmonics makes the sound brighter and sharper when they are added to the original sound. The result is a warm and comfortable, yet distinguished sound.

BBE MP Process

BBE Sound is a premier audio technology process used to improve the quality of amplified sound for those seeking a superior listening experience. BBE High Definition Sound technologies are a cutting edge advancement in digital sound delivery now in demand by world-renowned musicians and top sound engineers.

Sound Therapy International implements BBE High Definition Sound technologies into its products to provide a more satisfying and therapeutic audio experience for listeners.

The BBE Process, which provides a linear phase advance in proportion to the frequency, is placed before the MP process. Since the BBE-processed sound has a tapered time alignment (the higher the frequency, the more time advance), the generated harmonics are time-advanced in the higher frequencies. This allows the brain to analyze the sound more easily with the least amount of added harmonics.

The BBE process progressively enhances the higher frequencies. The harmonics generated by the MP process tends to have more elements in the higher frequencies compared to the lower frequencies. The degree of this contrast is optimized by the BBE process gain.

The BBE MP process ensures optimum rendition of the complex fluctuating high frequency-rich Sound Therapy, retaining its complex variations with absolute detail, clarity and sharpness, for ultimate neural stimulation and brain recharge. Sound Therapy has never sounded better!

The problems with MP3s

Though convenient to carry around, MP3 is not suitable for Sound Therapy because there is much less acoustic information retained by them. MP3 data contains a minimum amount of information, attempting to reproduce the sound in an acceptable quality.

In order to store sound in smaller file sizes, essential elements are lost, particularly the high frequencies and harmonics which Sound Therapy requires. A mere 5% of the original information is kept and the rest is permanently discarded. It is noticeable that the MP3 music obviously has less high-frequency information compared to CD music. This is a common problem to any digitally compressed audio including WMA.

In contrast, the technology used in Sound Therapy recordings both replicates and enhances the original harmonics and frequencies in the music, using a combination of therapeutic filtering systems and state of the art digital playback technology.

The creation process

Analogue Live Recording captures the true essence, variation, power, and the high harmonics in the music.

Analogue Activation with the Electronic Ear keeps the power and variation in tone intact to activate the ear muscles and stimulate the nervous system.

Analogue Progressive Filtering reflects the natural sound heard in the womb, where the high frequencies are augmented and the brain is energized, gradually training the ear and brain to greater gymnastic and acoustic heights.

Analogue Studio Mastering is a vitally important way to retain intrinsic sound quality while balancing and fine tuning the whole production.

Analogue to Digital Conversion is done on the highest industry standard analgoue to digital processor in a world class sound reproduction studio to retain musical integrity.