Headphones for Sound Therapy

The Audio Pillow - a pillow with stereo speakers embedded inside - or Pillow Speakers provide other alternatives for listening in bed, particularly for children under 5 who won't keep headphones on or who won't tolerate anything covering their ears.

It does not replace the need for headphones with Sound Therapy during the day, but provides a comfortable addition to your listening routine.

Your earphones need a frequency response of at least 15,000 Hz for use with Sound Therapy, and they must have stereo speakers that do not adulterate the frequency such as boosting the bass or noise cancelling.

Programs come with headphones, and in some cases a choice is given.

Customers outside Australia will have the 10% GST deducted at check out.


Moshi Kids Volume Limited Headphones

Moshi Volume Limited Headphones are ideal for children three years and over, or anyone with concern for the health of their hearing.

The small ear-cups and adjustable headband ensure a comfortable fit while the single cord lessens tangles, making them easy and safer to wear.



These stereo headphones in a soft headband provide the ultimate comfort for listening in bed.

Developed by a family physician in the USA to help her patients fall asleep without drugs, these innovative sleep headphones are the first of their kind, blocking out surrounding noise while keeping the earpieces over the ears.

The thin, padded, high quality speakers are removable, and the headband is machine washable. It is made from lead-free components, Polartec recycled plastic and soft wicking fleece.

Sennheiser PX100 II Foldable Headphones

The PX100 headphones folded in their case

The high-quality PX100 headphones provide detailed sound reproduction with their neodymium magnets and an open TWIN attenuation system.

These stylish, durable headphones fold up to fit in a space no larger than a pair of glasses, and the open back cans of the ear pads won't isolate you from external sounds, making them an excellent choice for Sound Therapy.