Building Ear Brain Connections (Level 2)

Natural Hearing Improvement Series

Add a new element to your listening program by moving on to these advanced albums, recorded at a higher frequency level, after listening to a Level 1 program for at least 300 hours.

The Sound Therapy Level 2 programs use newly developed recording techniques which are more subtle and yet more effective, which gently stretch and enhance your ear function.

Each album addresses a different aspect of hearing, working both on the ear itself and the auditory brain pathways.

The Building Ear Brain Connections program includes:

* Model may vary depending on availability. Currently the Screen Max player.

Some time ago I said I hadn’t benefited much from sound therapy yet, blaming my age and the stubborn resistance of blocked Eustachian tubes over many years. But now that I have listened to Level 2 for almost three months I have found that I have very little tinnitus, my hearing without hearing aids has improved, and my hearing aids give a clearer sound, not muddy or harsh, as they did at first. I can play the piano using hearing aids or using headphones (it’s a good quality digital piano), and can enjoy it both ways. I can also attend live concerts with much less discomfort than previously. So I have ordered Level 3 and look forward to further improvements. I like the fact that I can trust the music to be good quality and the right level of stimulation.
Doris Rowland
Canberra, Australia
25 January 2013
I have been using sound therapy already 3 years I am at level two with the mini mx 1 and it has done miracles my tinnitus is practically gone I only hear it when im stressed or very fatigued. I sleep better, my concentration level in school has increased. I am planning to get the mini mx 2 for the level 3 continuation by 2013, this is the best investment I have put my money into.
David Dolhomut
Montreal, Canada
1 September 2012

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The player is preloaded with three 90 minute music albums and a 60 minute visualisation to reduce stress, anxiety or tinnitus.

Album 1: Calming the Ear (90 minutes)

"Calming the Ear" contains frequencies that are soothing and will gently massage the ear while encouraging more responsiveness in a particular frequency range. This album can be used repeatedly to help habituate and prepare the ear for more advanced albums. Particularly good for those with tinnitus or hyperacusis.

Album 2: Opening the Ear (90 minutes)

"Opening the Ear" gradually introduces wider tonal fluctuations, giving the ear muscles a gentle workout, while simultaneously enticing the perception, through the auditory cortex, to stretch and open to higher frequencies. When the middle ear opens and becomes receptive to the higher frequencies, these frequencies can then stimulate the inner ear and begin to activate the auditory neural pathways.

Album 3: Listening Clarity (90 minutes)

"Listening Clarity" draws your attention with beautiful melodies gently increasing the range of perception of tones and frequencies. It provides the type of stimulation that may assist you to hear more clearly in difficult situations and background noise.

Album 4: Visualisation to Reduce Stress, Anxiety or Tinnitus (60 minutes)

A 15 minute visualization followed by calming Sound Therapy music, this album is an important part of auditory healing. It can be used daily if you are suffering from tinnitus, stress or anxiety. It is also beneficial as a general relaxation for anyone, to enhance your receptivity to Sound Therapy and enable the building of new and beneficial ear-brain connections.