Resolve and Release (Level 2)

Emotional Intelligence Series

Take a journey of self discovery by moving on to these advanced albums after listening to the Listening Foundation program for at least 300 hours.

Emotional intelligence describes our capacity for self-awareness and impulse control, persistence at a task, motivation, zeal, and our ability to feel empathy and to be effective communicators.

High emotional intelligence enables us to be resolved and comfortable within ourselves, to handle life’s demands effectively and maintain a positive and productive state of mind.

The Sound Therapy International Emotional Intelligence series is precisely designed to nurture and strengthen all of these aspects that comprise our emotional intelligence.

The Resolve and Release Program is designed to:

The program specifically addresses stress, anger, disappointment, resentment, hostility, frustration, cognitive dissonance, impatience, tension, and discontent.

It helps you to feel calm and in control of your situation, and provides resolution, forgiveness, freedom, better negotiation, communication, the ability to reframe and let go, love and peace.

The Rsolve and Release program includes:

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Recent research has shown that activating certain brain centres in the right cerebral cortex assists in the resolution of difficult emotional states. This process is assisted by Sound Therapy. The filtering techniques, in combination with the music choices, make the Resolve and Release program a powerful support to this process.

The digital player is preloaded with 4 albums. Each album is 80 to 90 minutes in length.

Album 1: Letting Go

The first part of emotional resolution is to reduce the state of arousal to enable breathing, heart rate and neurochemicals to settle back to normal levels. This album will give a sense of acknowledgement to the emotions, allowing the brain to more quickly process thoughts and feelings so that a state of inner balance can be achieved.

Album 2: Re-Framing

When an event triggers a reaction in the brain and emotions, there are three phases:

  1. The event takes place, and is registered by the sensory pathways. (For example: a long cylindrical object slides onto the path in front of you.)
  2. The event is perceived by the brain and an understanding occurs of what has taken place. (For example: that is a snake and it’s looking at me.)
  3. The event is linked to past experiences and memories, and based on these, is given an interpretation. (For example: snakes are dangerous and can kill you. I have seen other people panic when faced with snakes, so I am going to panic.)

In order to change our reactions to events, the way that we interpret events needs to change. This album assists with this process.

Album 3: Resolution

Resolution can occur once we find new ways of understanding the world and our role in it. The music on this album helps us to bring more parts of the brain and nervous system into our service to reach a resolution within ourselves.

Album 4: Peace of Mind

Reassurance and peace of mind come from the reconciliation of conflicting or disturbing beliefs and thoughts. Self acceptance and acceptance of others can occur when the right perspective is brought to life’s events. The music and filtering processes on this album help to bring all these factors together.