Sound Therapy CD & Cassette Warranty

Sound Therapy International proudly guarantees the quality of its CDs and cassettes against manufacturing faults.

Very often a perceived fault is just a usage error or is part of the filtering process. Your CDs may skip or cease playing if you do not clean them - wiping the CD clean with an appropriate cloth with often fix any problems.

Damage through use

Because it is beyond our control to know how your CDs or tapes are used over time, we charge a replacement fee of $30 per CD plus postage for damage that is not due to a manufacturing fault.

If one of your albums develops a fault through usage, please contact us to discuss the fault and get a Return Authorization number. Then return the album to us with the handling fee and postage cost for replacement.

Please do not return products without first getting approval and a Return Authorization number from us.

If you return items that are not faulty we will have to charge you for return postage and possibly an inspection fee of $40.

Please note that Sound Therapy tapes and CDs have been discontinued - replacement is only available while stocks last. CDs in the Basic Music Kit may still be able to be replaced, but all cassette tapes and children's story albums on CD are no longer available. Please upgrade to a program on Mini MX2

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