iPillow 12 Month Warranty

Products distributed by Slake Audio Products Pty Ltd - ABN 66131040198 are covered by the following warranties:

  1. Slake Audio Products undertakes to repair, or at their option, to replace free of charge any defective parts in the product supplied herewith and/or rectify faults which in their opinion are due to defective workmanship within the warranty period.
  2. Such repairs or parts replacement will be made without charge providing:
    • That the customer’s copy of the sales docket is presented as proof of the purchase date.
    • That the unit was purchased from an authorised dealer appointed by Slake Audio Products.
    • That there has been no attempt to repair the unit by an unauthorised agent.
    • That the unit is delivered to a facility authorised by Slake Audio Products in either its original package or a similar package affording an equal degree of protection. Postage, insurance and/or shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.
  3. This warranty extends only to defects occurring under normal domestic use of the product where operated in accordance with our instructions.
  4. This warranty expressly excludes:
    • Accessories supplied with the product or purchased optionally for use with it.
    • Fair wear and tear.
    • Mileage or travelling time in respect of service, or pick-up or delivery costs incurred.
    • Service costs arising from failure to correctly adjust the controls of the unit or observe the instructions, or calls which reveal that the unit is in normal working order.

The benefits given to the purchaser by this warranty are in addition to all other rights and remedies, which under the Trade Practices Act or other Commonwealth or State law, the purchaser or owner has in respect to the product. In no circumstances shall Slake Audio Products be liable for consequential damages sustained in connection with the said unit and Slake Audio Products neither assumes nor authorises any representative or any other person to assume for it any obligation or liability other than such as is expressly set forth herein.

If you feel service is required, please email Slake Audio Products.