We've collected a number of resources here for you to reference, including videos on how to use and troubleshoot your Mini MX player, questionnaires to help you customise your listening routine and monitor your progress, and links to track your Sound Therapy order once it has been sent.

For additional help with general enquiries about using or trouble shooting your player, you can phone or email our support staff.

If you would like more detailed support with your particular conditions, you can make an appointment for a consultation in person or over the phone with our Senior Sound Therapy Consultant, Simone Collins. These more detailed consultations do entail a charge, of A$50 per half hour. For those in Perth, Simone can also conduct hearing and/or auditory processing tests to help monitor your progress.

Where is my parcel?

For parcels in Australia , see Australia Post: Track an item

For programs sent to other countries, see DHL Express tracking.

Mini player Support

Listening Routines

Evaluating your progress

If you are in Perth, you can book in for a hearing test or auditory processing test at our clinic in Canning Vale.

All listeners are encouraged to use the following questionnaires to help us monitor your progress:

Need more help?

Phone +61 8 9455 2656