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Mini MX2 Instruction Sheet

Warning: Please do not plug your MINI Sound Therapy player into a computer as you may inadvertently corrupt the data and void your warranty. Use only the charger provided to recharge your player.

Your MINI Sound Therapy player is only to be used to play Sound Therapy, and has no capacity for any other music or data files. Using PC-based music software may introduce technical problems which are difficult to resolve. You will not be covered by warranty if this happens.

Please note that Lithium batteries need to be charged regularly, otherwise their capacity to hold a charge diminishes and eventually ceases. Please don't keep your Sound Therapy player in a cupboard for months, or you may find you need to purchase a replacement player..

Troubleshooting your Mini MX2 player

The Mini MX2 is a solid little player - with over 2,000 units in use, we've rarely seen a genuine fault (here at Sound Therapy Perth we have seen 2 faulty chargers, two players with faulty buttons, and 1 player with a charging fault over a 2 year period with hundreds of units sold).

Here are some steps you can take to diagnose your problem, to determine whether there is a simple fix or a genuine fault.

If no light comes on when you plug your player into the charger

The Mini MX2 player may go into a protection mode if it runs out of charge and is started again with too little charge to boot. When it is in the protection mode, the lights will not turn on, even when you plug it in to charge. There is a very simple fix for this!

  1. Perform a reset. Take the player off the charger and use a pointed object such as a metal paper clip or a toothpick to press the reset button (see the video above for how to perform a reset) - make sure that you insert the paperclip into the larger hole where the reset button is, not the smaller hole which contains the LED lamp. You need to press down on the reset button firmly, and hold it for a good 5 seconds. When you plug it in again, the lights should come on.
  2. Check the connections. If the lights still haven't come on after a reset, check that all the components of the charger are plugged in together firmly, and that the player is plugged securely into the charger. Quite often the "fault" is simply that the charger is not plugged together properly, so no power is getting through.
  3. Contact Simone. If neither of the above work, please contact Simone. She'll step you through both the above fixes, and if that still doesn't work, we'll update your firmware.
  4. Return ALL equipment. If the firmware update hasn't worked, only then will we ask you to return your program to us for further investigation. Please make sure you send ALL the equipment back: the player and charger in their case and the headphones. If there is a fault with the charger, we can't find that if you only send the player!


The above fixes all take a matter of seconds.

It wastes our time and postage costs if we regularly have to deal with unsolicited players that work perfectly fine after a simple reset.

It can be common to need to reset your player on a regular basis; this is not a fault, but a quirk of the player.

If the light stays green when you plug your player into the charger

If the light remains a fairly solid green (with the occasional green flash) while on charge, and does not turn at all when not on charge, this indicates that there is a charging fault.

Before contacting us about it, check:

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