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Sonic MX3 Instruction Sheet

Charging your Sonic MX3 player

Like your mobile phone, your Sonic MX3 player has a lithium ion battery, and it needs more charge the first few goes to then hold its charge for longer.

When you first receive your Sonic MX3 player, we recommend:

  1. Charge your player overnight when you first receive it. Use your player until the battery runs completely flat.
  2. Charge your player overnight a 2nd time. Again, use it until it runs flat.
  3. Charge your player overnight the 3rd times, and use it until it runs flat.
  4. After that, you can charge it for just 1 hour at a time.

Please note that Lithium batteries need to be charged regularly, otherwise their capacity to hold a charge diminishes and eventually ceases. Please keep charging your Sound Therapy player regularly even if you take a break from listening, otherwise if you decide to return to listening after a long break of several months you may find you will need to purchase a replacement player as it will no longer charge up.

Troubleshooting your Sonic MX3 player

The most common issue we see with MX3 players no longer charging when plugged in is a faulty USB cable. This is a standard cable that you can find at electronics stores, such as Dick Smith's or Netway PC in Australia. Try another cable first if you find that the green light no longer comes on when you plug your player in to charge it.


If you are having trouble, please phone us and discuss your issues first.

It wastes our time and postage costs if we regularly have to deal with unsolicited players that work perfectly fine after a simple reset.

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