Sound Therapy Testimonials

Sound Therapy listeners share their stories about how they have benefitted from listening to Sound Therapy International programs.

Medical professionals

Sound Therapy is recognized as a breakthrough in auditory neurophysiology, and the Joudrys had the initiative to make the program portable and accessible."
Dr. Bradford S. Weeks M.D.
The Weeks Corrective Health Clinic
Washington State, USA
Sound Therapy has succeeded where Tinnitus Maskers have failed because it has a soothing effect on the body as a whole, calms the mind and revitalises the rundown brain cells.
Eric Jordan
Chief Audiometrician
Royal Albert Edward Infirmary
Wigan, England
I have found Sound Therapy to be a valuable instrument, which brings the healing effects of music and science to assist in repairing disorders of the body and emotions."
Maurie D. Pressman M.D.
Emeritus Chairman of Psychiatry
Albert Einstein Medical Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
As a Doctor of Audiology for 24 years, I understand the profound benefit of Sound Therapy. I am blessed to have come upon Patricia and Rafaele Joudry's mission through Sound Therapy. I have been using Sound Therapy for many years since I first became aware of their therapeutic treatment system.
Personally, I have experienced phenomenal mind, body and spiritual benefits from Sound Therapy. This ranges from alleviation of tinnitus in my left ear, fatigue, sinus and ear fullness, to concentration, improved sleep, reduction in severity of menopausal night sweats, TMJ and jaw stiffness, headache and neck tension and back pain.
I recommend and use Sound Therapy with my patients in my private practice.
Donna Segal AuD, CCC-A
Indianapolis, USA
From the foreward to the 12th edition of Sound Therapy: Music to Recharge Your Brain
November 2009
I was introduced to the Sound Therapy cassette system in the winter of I983, and began listening to the music on the day that I purchased my Sony Walkman in Miami. I listened for about six hours a day during the first three days, while making my way about through the noise and confusion of that city, and also during the flight back to my island of Eleuthera.
After these three days I was aware of an energy and mental clarity such as I had not experienced since before entering University, many years earlier.
One notable happening during the first week was that, whereas I had never before had the patience - or stamina at the end of a day of seeing patients - to play Backgammon with my young daughter, as she constantly pleaded for me to do, I could now spend a whole evening with her at this game, wearing my headphones and listening to the therapy music. Thus, there was an immediate improvement in family harmony!
After ten days of listening, there was a change in the character of my dreams. I had had great difficulty in remembering my dreams, while knowing that they usually verged on the nightmarish. Listening to the therapy music for a time before going to sleep, I began having vivid, happy dreams, with the clarity and purity of childhood dreams: sailing away on a Caribbean cruise; flying through the high air from Hawaii to Tahiti. I also remembered the dreams in detail.
I now sleep better, think better, write better, and am eager to get all my patients onto Sound Therapy - particularly the pregnant women, and the children with learning problems.
Dr Cliff Bacchus
Eleuthera, Bahamas
It seems that it is the re-establishing of the ability to listen to the higher frequency that is repsonsible for repairing and reorganising cortical (brain) pathways.
Hundreds of adults report they have been helped with severe depression and have overcome anxiety, caused by diminished hearing and tinnitus, helping them develop better communication skills, creativity and self-confidence.
George B. Richards Ph.D.

Video interviews

Sound Therapy on ABC's Second Opinion - Eric Mutton's story

ABC's Second Opinion program followed Eric Mutton's progress as he tried Sound Therapy for his tinnitus. Eric rejoices, "At 6 months I've been using these tapes for a long time now and the tinnitus has gone! It works!"

Hilary Peart's story

Hilary was housebound because of her epilepsy. Here is her moving story of how Sound Therapy gave her back her life.

I have epilepsy and the medication I take was not completely controlling it. I had an almost constant 'electric' feeling in my head, and looked out at the world through what seemed like a net curtain, or fog. I was constantly on edge, slept badly, felt exhausted, had difficulty reading and communicating. The simplest tasks had become complicated for me.
From the start I listened to the Sound Therapy tapes 10-12 hours a day and found it very soothing. Before I started listening to the tapes my day consisted of about 2 hours of activity in the morning and the rest of the day mainly resting and unable to communicate.
By the end of the first three months of listening my day had improved to the extent that I could be active most of the time except for a couple of hours resting in the afternoon. The headaches, pressure in my head and confusion, gradually lessened.
After about 6 weeks of listening, I visited my neurologist. He was pleased with my progress and said to carry on with what I was doing. The next visit 6 months later he couldn't get over how my walking and posture had improved, and I later left the Sound Therapy book with him.
On my next visit about 8 months later, he again could see my improvement and was very pleased, and had enjoyed reading the book, as he had an interest in how music can help with restoring memory etc.
Today, after about 15 months of listening, what a change! I have my enjoyment and enthusiasm for life back.
I have tried many alternative remedies over the years as I have had a number of health issues. I have a heart problem which has culminated in me having a pace-maker fitted, chronic fatigue syndrome, fybromyalgia and of course the epilepsy. I still carry on with acupuncture treatment, homeopathic drops, and magnetic therapy, plus nutritional supplements and have a good diet, all of which have helped me and continue to do so. I was doing this all before I started on the Sound Therapy, but what I found with the Sound Therapy was it seemed to enhance all the other things I was doing.
In short Sound Therapy has given me my quality of life back. Thank you Sound Therapy.
Hilary Peart
Perth, Australia

John D's story

John speaks about how the sound therapy program has helped him become a calmer person and how he hopes this change is an indication that his tinnitus will disappear completely.

Graham Dive's story

17 year old Graham and his mum Julia talk about Graham's experience with Sound Therapy for learning.

Paul Bazelmans' story

Metal worker Paul Bazelmans was interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper in an article called "The sound of therapy".

He suffered from tinnitus for 15 years. He reported that since using Sound Therapy his tinnitus "has definitely improved enormously".

Paul is also one of the people interviewed on "Sound Therapy: an introduction":

Auguste Blackman's story

Artist Auguste Blackman talks about his experiences using Sound Therapy for his hearing.

Emily Welsh's story

10 year old Emily and her mum Julie talk about Emily's learning difficulties and her experience with Sound Therapy.

Don Clark's story

Don and Frances Clark discuss how Sound Therapy has affected Don's chronic pain.

Noel Dennett's story

Airline pilot Noel Dennett speaks about his experiences with using Sound Therapy for tinnitus:

Articles and case studies

Ken Collins' story

Ken Collins

Former GP Ken Collins retired from the Air Force in February 1965 with perfect hearing.

One month later as he was standing beside his car, a semi-trailer went past and veered to the left, scraping him off his car, and threw him onto the bonnet. He hit his left ear very hard and all the bones in his ear were smashed together. After that the ear specialist said nothing could be done for his hearing. He has had marked hearing loss in his left ear ever since.

Ken began listening to the Sound Therapy program in October 2010, after a baseline audiogram revealed moderate to profound hearing loss in both ears. Six months later he was re-tested and found a 30% improvement in his hearing, with some hearing in the lower frequencies restored to normal hearing.

I wasn’t really surprised because I felt I could hear better. One of my biggest problems is background noise. I can't talk on a mobile in a noisy environment. I also lip read. I can cope better in situation like this since using Sound Therapy.
Ken Collins
Perth, Australia
June 2014

Katy Fitzgerald's story

All her life, Katy Fitzgerald has suffered from 
           'aeroplane ear'. 'On and off, my right ear would have a sensation of being blocked, like when you are on a plane. If I was in a 
           crowded room sometimes it would be difficult to hear.' The problem was most frustrating when it prevented her from singing. 
           'It sounded like my voice was going round in my head.' After treatment from several ear specialists, homeopathy and even ear 
            ventilation tubes failed, Fitzgerald heard about sound therapy from her GP. She sought out the Rosebery branch of Sound Therapy
            International, an organisation that produces special listening tapes that are supposed to help problems ranging from hearing
            loss to insomnia. 'It is a series of four tapes of music by Bach and Mozart, they have done something to it - every now and 
            then there are high-pitched squeaky sounds. The music is at a really low volume so it is kind of subliminal. You have to 
            listen for at least three hours a day, but it is at such a low level, I can put in on at the movies or have a totally normal 
            conversation with someone,' says Fitzgerald. After three months, says Fitzgerald, her ear problems had all but disappeared. 
            'It was 98 per cent clear. I probably do it once a week these days, but I know that if I leave it, my ear will get blocked 
             again.' Fitzgerald says the treatment has ended a lifetime of frustration. 'It's made a really big difference for me. I 
             always had good hearing but had this echo. Now I can feel comfortable singing again.'
On and off, my right ear would have a sensation of being blocked, like when you are on a plane. If I was in a crowded room sometimes it would be difficult to hear.
[After 3 months of Sound Therapy it is] 98 per cent clear. I probably do it once a week these days, but I know that if I leave it, my ear will get blocked again.
It's made a really big difference for me. I always had good hearing but had this echo. Now I can feel comfortable singing again.
Katy Fitzgerald
New South Wales, Australia

Sarsha Carpenter's story

Sarsha Carpenter

Reverend Sarsha Carpenter was introduced to Sound Therapy during her studies to help her tinnitus, which left her housebound. She was also suffering from Meniere's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine headaches, and fits. Sarsha says the day she discovered Sound Therapy, her life changed. However, at first she was very sceptical and decided to take on the therapy simply to prove it didn't work!

As she was studying at the time, she put her Sound Therapy on in the morning and would leave it on all day. The first thing she noticed was that she slept right through the first night - something she hadn't done in years.

The next thing she noticed was when she was asked how the tinnitus was going, she listened for it and realised there was nothing - no sound of any sort. This was incredible, as the condition had plagued her for 20 years!

Over the years she noticed that she wasn't admitted to hospital for asthma, nor did she have any fits. The massive spelling problem she had had all her life had disappeared and her marks went from passes and credits, and from to credits and distinctions in her university studies, bringing about an offer to go on to postgraduate studies.

In 2002 Sarsha was struck down with 2 strokes and she lost a great deal of memory and language skills. Her family were informed that she probably wouldn't be able to finish University and her language skills couldn't be guaranteed to return. But she knew her only chance at this point was sound therapy so a large number of batteries were acquired and she started listening to her sound therapy 24 hours a day. By the end of 2 months she had made a full recovery and was back at university, and graduated the following December.

Finding some strange noises in her car she had never heard before, like a clicking noise when she put her blinker on, Sarsha's son came to investigate the problem. He informed her that that was the noise that blinkers were supposed to make, and that she had been deaf to them - that's why she hadn't heard them before. Sarsha then realised that she had to turn the TV down from full volume to about 1/3 - 1/4 of the volume. Sarsha's Dad came to live with her in August 2002. Suffering from dementia and hearing loss, he started Sound Therapy in September. What a shock they all got as he started to come back from his dementia! He suddenly became a caring person, interested in hearing about her day.

Emails, letters and Facebook feedback

Hi Simone, Wowsers! So after just minutes of listening to the first track Jess's while demeanour changed - she slowed down, was more relaxed. Today she has been more patient and less quick to anger- more able to emotionally regulate. All this was beyond any range she has displayed before. And then tonight, she went to sing. Now I have relative/perfect pitch and have long ago accepted that Jess does not, but tonight she sang and hit every note on the song she was singing along to. Mind. Blown.
Name withheld
Queensland, Australia
1 December 2017
Hi Simone, Just a short note to share with you that after listening 9 hrs i notice i can hear my fingers snap by my left ear now (i could not hear this before)!🙂 I also already have increased vitality... I am extremely excited!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou
Phyllis Straub
Victoria, Canada
22 August 2017
Hi Simone, One of the major new benefits I've noticed this time is with sleep. If I wake up in the night and can't get back to sleep, I've put the sound on and I'm asleep within about 10 mins compared to staying awake for hours.
Lin Anderson
Beelerup, Western Australia
1 December 2016
6 weeks of listening
Hi Simone! I am doing great, thank you. I am on the day number 17 (51 hours). Listening 3 hours or more, daily. Here’s what I’ve noticed so far:
- I had to lower the volume a lot since I started (hear better);
- I can hear all the shimmers (imperfections) throughout all of the recordings now - I haven’t in the beginning;
- I feel a lot more stirred up (emotionally), but that’s okay because I release it as it comes up. Seems like it won’t stay suppressed any longer so I have no choice but to let it go.
- I feel a huge release in my head; used to only feel it in my body;
- I enjoy speaking a lot more. I play with highs and lows of my voice and I am not afraid to go there;
Can’t wait till I reach 100 hours... Thank you so much!
Anna Sobiechart
Michigan, USA
13 July 2016
HI Simone, I'm pleased to report that after a solid 6 (almost 7) months of listening to Program 1 for 3 hours a day, my tinnitus is quieter and I haven't had any vertigo since I started the program. I recently had a hearing test and I have no hearing loss or hyperaccusis! I still have bouts of dizziness (slight imbalance) but I find this much easier to deal with than vertigo.
Vancouver, Canada
23 July 2015
Hi Simone, I received the Sound Therapy package a little while ago and have just recently set it up. I enjoy listening to the music and I'm excited to continue with the program! So far I've listened for a few hours and just in that short amount of time I have already felt a great impact from the music!
Massachusetts, USA
6 June 2015
I am a lot more relaxed when wearing the player. The tinnitus is still there, but more in the background,and usually notice it first thing in morning. Once I am up it's in the background, no problems when going to sleep.
Francis Buktenica
Perth, Western Australia
19 January 2015
680 hours of listening
Improved sleep, slightly greater clarity of hearing, brighter mood and social interaction. My wife has noticed my greater participation in social interaction and conversation, and confirms that my hearing seems to have improved a bit.
John Cameron
Torquay VIC, Australia
18 January 2015
380 hours of listening
I have graduated to level 2 of sound therapy. I am happy to report that I have experienced very positive improvement in my tinnitus with level 1, ( a high whistling sound) I have been on the program for the past eight months and while I am not cured I can testify that the tinnitus volume has decreased, it is much lower and the tone has also changed. There are days when i can bearly hear the whistling sound, (thank God). As i type this message the whistling sound is way, way, way in the background, I can hardly hear it. I want to encourage all those who have started sound therapy please do not be discouraged, just continue to listen regularly and breakthrough will eventually come. Thank you Sound Therapy. All the best from Trinidad and Tobago.
Victoria Peters
Trinidad & Tobago
14 November 2014
I am going very well with the program. I would say tinnitus is nearly gone. I can ignore for most of the day now. The sound now is similar to the noise that you get after you have popped your ears - an airy sound that still has a high pitch to it but not as severe as when I first started (Feb) - that was like a kettle whistling or the high pitch of a vaccuum. I have to concentrate to notice it now.
Debbie Williams
Perth, Western Australia
12 November 2014
After 2½ weeks on Albums 1 & 2 I noticed one day a "stereo" sound in my deaf ear. Then, during weeks 4, 5, 6 and 7, I could hear a more distinct "beat" and traces of a tune in my deaf ear!! (Mostly beginning of Album 3). A total of 10 times in 7 weeks. Very exciting!
Aldy Bagnall
Perth, Western Australia
28 June 2014
I am more 'with it' and can hear things easier. My tinnitus had a range of sound wider than my body (roaring & high pitched ring), after 4 months the range would be as wide as my hand (no roaring & the high ring reduced). Like the alarm in your house is ringing and you are outside instead of inside.
Debbie Williams
Perth, Western Australia
29 May 2014
After 4 months (254 hours) of Sound Therapy
Hi everyone, greetings from Trinidad. This is my second month of listening to sound therapy, level 1 for tinnitus. I am so happy to share with you that the loud whistling (phantom) sound is greatly reduced, also the dizziness has greatly improved. I have also made changes to my diet.
Feel free to share my blessings. As I type this message I am praising God for all those people who have worked on providing this musical therapy to help people who are afflicted with tinnitus. May God bless you all. Love, Victoria.
Victoria Peters
Florida, USA
27 May 2014
Greetings Simone and the rest of the sound therapy perth,
I wanna share to you my sound therapy experience, I've been listening to it for 3 weeks now and last week something incredible happened my tinnitus became softer,lower and quieter. I cant even hear it right now even though im sitting in a quiet room typing you this email. I have to wear ear plugs or concentrate so that I can hear my tinnitus. It's such an amazing journey and I could really say sound therapy really help me a lot. More power to you and your staff. have a good day.
Ontario, Canada
10 May 2014
The ringing tone seems to be less noisy in the evening since I have started the sound therapy. I feel very confident about this program.
Victoria Peters
Florida, USA
17 April 2014
After 2 weeks of Sound Therapy
I have had hearing improvements and my last hearing test indicated that one pitch went up by five decibels. Oh and I might add that the doctor said repeatedly that this was significant. He said it more than once. :-)
Jan Price
Maine, USA
26 March 2014
After 6 weeks of Sound Therapy
Hi Simone,
Adam is showing improvements already from the sound therapy. We have noticed at home and also his teacher has said at school he has been much better even coming home with gold stars! Hopefully we continue to see improvements as we continue.
Leona M
Perth, Western Australia
5 March 2014
After 2 weeks of Sound Therapy
Clarity with hearing, better sleep, happier, more energy.
Viviane Branderhorst
Broome, Western Australia
9 February 2014
After 6 weeks of Sound Therapy
Feeling of fullness has considerably improved, hearing has improved, tinnitus has improved.
Albert Micklethwaite
Yorkshire, UK
31 December 2013
After 3 months of Sound Therapy
I just thought that I would write to you and let you know that I did order the Sound Therapy listening program (about one month ago) - your story, in particular, was quite motivating (I read it in full on your website after I had sent my earlier email to you). I have to say that I am very impressed with this therapy, which I use daily for up to 7-10 hours. I am already experiencing the increased energy, better sleep (most nights ), and I definitely feel much calmer and less prone to over-reacting in stressful situations. Given that a month ago my father had a major stroke which has left him partly paralysed, I can certainly say that I have been putting the therapy to the test regarding stress and how I deal with it! Sound Therapy has helped immeasurably. My tinnitus has not reduced as yet, but I expect that this will take a while; however, I am very pleased to have experienced the "side effects" noted above. I look forward to further improvement, which I feel fairly certain will happen.
Michael Long
Tasmania, Australia
23 December 2013
I am progressing well with the program, I am now beginning on week 2. I am already seeing good results in my sleep, I only had one bad night since beginning the program. I have read the book, and plan to read again, it is quite inspiring.
Viviane Branderhorst
Broome, Australia
23 December 2013
The fullness/blocked feeling has greatly reduced, tinnitus has reduced by about a 1/3, hearing has improved slightly.
Albert M
15 November 2013
After 6 weeks of Sound Therapy (approx 180 hours)
I can't believe this thing works like that. I had a nervous break down. I could not remember things that has been said to me. I was thinking about suicide many times. This sound therapy saves my life. When I came across sound therapy and I tried it the same day for about 10 hours I got result.
Antoine Desulme
10 October 2013
Generally speaking, I think that my state improved in regards of well being and tinnitus especially. I had these moments that I was really surprised that I hear what other person says and I was listening with pleasure. I also feel that I am more concentrated on the others words. I feel like am concentrated on the words itself and do not hear all the sounds around.
2 months ago I really enjoyed going to the club whether in the past I hated such loud places. Normally I hadn't understood a word and I had been really anxious due to the very loud music. In this club music was quieter to what I experienced before, but I enjoyed a lot being there and talking to my friends. I felt good.
Surely, I noticed that since the start of the program the tinnitus disappeared. It is returning recently from time to time (I do not know why) however it's very soft.
what I have noticed it's the fact the the Sound Therapy music sounds different. Even comparing to the original tracks. When I listen to the classical music during my work in the office I am bored after listening to the same compositions 3-5 times. Whereas I can listen to sound therapy music all the time. Sometimes I would like to listen to something different but it happens after listening to the therapy 6 hours straight and it is not strong desire. Sometimes I feel like I am discovering Sound Therapy music. I'm not sure, but I think I notice other sounds not present there before.
I also feel I was really closed. Even to the music. And I feel it is better now.
2 October 2013
After 3.5 months of Sound Therapy (630 hours)
I can sleep easily without my radio on. Sounds of tinnitus lessened.
Pablo Marquez
New Zealand
16 July 2013
After 3 months of Sound Therapy (270 hours)
Vertigo attacks are much decreased in severity and I recover from them much more quickly. Sleep is improved as are energy levels.
Name withheld
10 July 2013
After 3 months of Sound Therapy (336 hours)
I would like to inform you that after 7 days of listening sticking to the 3hrs a day regime on album 1 I have noticed a massive improvement in my tinnitus in regards to it's reduction, it truly is a miracle which I cannot really explain in words.
Kyle Stewart
Perth WA
10 June 2013
Hi Simone, I have been doing Sound Therapy for 5 weeks now, and I have definitely noticed a big improvement in my severe insomnia. I have had chronic Lyme Disease for 23 years and extreme insomnia for well over a decade. So this is really a huge improvement to sleep a lot better most nights. I have even woken up laughing twice in the last couple of weeks, whereas before the little sleep I got produced horrendous nightmares.
Tamara Daly
Minnesota USA
7 June 2013
Tinnitus improved, hearing improved, no vertigo - 2 dizzy spells in March.
Laurie Hrdlicka
California USA
27 May 2013
After 3 months (400 hours) of Sound Therapy
Meant to let you know my daughter Kassidy was awarded the academic achievement award last year at school after using her listening program for 5 months the teachers were amazed at how far she had come and is now learning at her level for her school report in 7 years I could not be any happier
Tanya McKrill
via Facebook
27 March 2013
Dear Simone
I have read the book and found it most interesting. I started listening on Saturday and am quite pleased with how it's going, although I can't hear a thing in my left ear (the one with signifacant hearing loss). I already feel as though I have more energy and feel my sleep is improving.
27 March 2013
Dear Simone
Some time ago I said I hadn’t benefited much from sound therapy yet, blaming my age and the stubborn resistance of blocked Eustachian tubes over many years. But now that I have listened to Level 2 for almost three months I have found that I have very little tinnitus, my hearing without hearing aids has improved, and my hearing aids give a clearer sound, not muddy or harsh, as they did at first. I can play the piano using hearing aids or using headphones (it’s a good quality digital piano), and can enjoy it both ways. I can also attend live concerts with much less discomfort than previously. So I have ordered Level 3 and look forward to further improvements. I like the fact that I can trust the music to be good quality and the right level of stimulation.
Thank you for all your insight and help.
Doris Rowland
Canberra, Australia
25 January 2013
I am a new listener of Sound Therapy and absolutely LOVE it!!! I so look forward to my listening sessions every day because already I am receiving huge benefit in the form of so called 'side effects".
Vicki Lennox
Brisbane, Australia
23 December 2012
Hello Simone
I have been sleeping much better, only waking up once a night. I have been using the system 6 hours a day, three morning and three at night since I got it.
My grand daughter started on the system only 4 days ago and my wife my daughter and myself cannot believe the unbelievable improvement in that short amount of time. Her phonics were incoherant to the average person due to her inability to create the correct sounds. For "you" she would say "woo" and mostly I would have to ask her to repeat it or my daughter would tell me what she said. She would also say in sentence "me" instead of "I" so she would say me "Me love woo pop" and she would find it hard to string more than two to three words in a sentence. Today which is the 4th day on the system, 2 hours in the morning and three hours at night, she said to my wife as clear as a bell in the shoe shop today "I don't want those shoes I want the other ones". My wife Lyn was gobsmacked.
Lisa says she just loves wearing the system and listening to it. She dances and acts like a conductor, watches tv and reads books with it on.
I came home tonight and she was totally coherant and she said "me" a couple of times. When Lisa corrected her she was saying "I" frequently and when she did we gave her a clap. On the way out she said "I love you pop".
As a holistic neurofeedback and biofeedback practitioner I have never seen anyone learn so fast and it happened to be my Grand daughter. Unbelievable product Simone
-- 2 weeks later --
I am using he system daily for around six hours.
I am much calmer and reading more as well as sleeping better and I have no doubt I am absorbing more when I read.
Last night I went to sleep at 11 pm and woke once at 3.30 am and went to sleep again till 6.20 am. My normal night was sleep for three hours and wake every hour or hour and a half and rise at 5 am.
I as a therapist with a 33 year back ground have studied and tried every natural sleep remedy including herbs and supplements I could find. I wont touch medical drugs but when I did years ago I had a hangover that was worse than the the tiredness I had from lack of sleep. Over the last ten years I have listened to every thing and anything that was advertised including zen, gregorian and binaural. Nothing worked for me, in fact I have spent literally thousands on sleep remedies to no avail. I also used most of what I have tried on myself with my own patients who had sleep problems with much success which may sound contradictory but people came to me to help with their sleep complaints and helped 95% of them.
I have literally become a sleep expert trying to sort my own disorder however the only thing that has worked for me so far is Tomatis therapy and I have been using it only three weeks.
I told you previously about my 5 year old grand daughter's progress in the first three days; now after three weeks on the system and she has us all reeling from her progress. My wife has just said now to write this to you: the system is miraculous, our grand daughter's progress in three weeks is nothing less than miraculous.
Her speech and confidence is to marvelled at.
My daughter's friends have also noticed her progress and commented.
I write this with a background in Medical scanning, Naturopathy, Neuro feedback and biofeedback therapy.
My phone number is 0405 514 409 should anyone want to confirm validity.
PS now I can send you the 5% I cant help Simone
Will Bayley
Perth, Australia
28 November 2012 & 9 December 2012
This morning my ears stopped ringing, first left, then right. Head feels clear, feeling really positive!
Susan J
Perth, Australia
26 November 2012
After 2 weeks of Sound Therapy
I have been using ST program since two weeks now. I must say I already start to notice the difference in sleep quality and neck tension. I am really eager to continue.
J Bene
10 November 2012
No longer have that 'fullness' feeling in left ear and the high pitch of the tinnitus has reduced in my left ear.
Michael S
Geraldton, Australia
November 2012
After 6 weeks of Sound Therapy
I listened to Sound Therapy while pregnant with both of my children, and have used it off and on with them ever since, to give them a helping hand with their development.
My older daughter Ariana (currently 5) started speaking clear words at 7 months, and by 12 months was putting 2-3 words together to ask for what she wanted, in english or spanish. By the age of 2 everything was described by colour (such as the "green shops" - the closest shopping centre to our home has a green roof). Ariana is now in Pre Primary, and she is doing grade 2 level maths in Mathletics, completed learning her sight words a good month before the next student to finish, and is well ahead with her reading and writing. She loves writing, drawing and music.
My younger daughter (age 4) started speaking at 13 months, launching straight into words to ask for what she wanted or to comment on what she observed (mama, agua if she was thirsty or she could see water outside or in a picture, the word in spanish for "doggy" when seeing a dog etc). She started writing her own name at the age of 3, and despite currently being one of the younger children in kindy, can count unprompted to 29 (and up to 100 if prompted with the 10s from 30), knows how to write the entire alphabet and writes a number of words from memory even though she hasn't learned them at kindy - she is very inquisitive and asks how to spell names she doesn't know yet.
Both girls draw profusely, and a friend who is an occupational therapist has remarked at how advanced their drawings are for their ages. And neither girl has had any ear infections, when many of my friends' children have had at least one set of grommets.
I am convinced that Sound Therapy has given both of my daughters an edge academically, including a great thirst to learn. I highly, highly recommend it to all parents.
Simone Carot Collins
Perth, Western Australia
October 2012
My 10yr old daughter has been using her listening program for about 10 weeks now and her teacher has just told me she is now reading at 10/11 year old level......this is the first time she has ever read at her age level.....I am so proud of her
Tany McKrill
via Facebook
14 September 2012
There has been improvement and that in itself is exciting as mainstream consultants have not promised much. I hear my music with more relaxed intensity and happiness. I have more regular energy and sleep better. Thank you for providing me with such capacities.
Name withheld
Melbourne, Australia
4 September 2012
After 2 weeks of Sound Therapy
I have been using sound therapy already 3 years I am at level two with the mini mx 1 and it has done miracles my tinnitus is practically gone I only hear it when im stressed or very fatigued. I sleep better, my concentration level in school has increased. I am planning to get the mini mx 2 for the level 3 continuation by 2013, this is the best investment I have put my money into.
David Dolhomut
Montreal, Canada
1 September 2012
I have been using Sound Therapy for a week and I am amazed that the quality of my sleep is notably improved . The music is very easy to listen to and the mini mx 2 is easy to use and inconspicuous. I carry on with my normal daily tasks and forget I have it on so I can very easily get at least 4 hrs of listening in /day. I also feel it gives me a sense of calm . My main reason for getting sound therapy is to prevent me from having to rely on aids when I am older as this runs in the family. However after reading the book it sounds like everyone is going to benefit if they give it a try. Just a tip re charging-dont charge for much more than 80 min otherwise you may need to reset the device.
Madeleine Lovell
September 2012
In 2008 After some research into tinnitis I found Sound Therapy, and bought the Basic Music Kit, consisting of 4 sound cassettes. I read all I could about this condition, and learnt so much about the ear, and brain. It took a little while to adjust to the therapy, and I found Simone Carot Collins here in Perth, to be very helpful and reassuring. I persevered, and then upgraded to the Ultralight [Level] 2. I've been using that regularly for a year now, and have found that the tinnitus is gone. I'm continuing to use it to for brain stimulation, and to keep my balance strong. So thanks for a wonderful product.
I would recommend it to everyone.
Christine Robbins
Perth, Western Australia
4 July 2012
Hi Simone,
I am emailing to let you know I am really enjoying my Level 1. The sounds have actually calmed me to the point where if I feel my vertigo coming, I slip on my music and relax. I'm also feeling tired, yet just yesterday - one day only - I felt totally normal. No balance problems, no vertigo and very calm. If everyday went like that I would be cured. I am playing the sound therapy a minimum of 3 hours but usually more than that. I am taking it everywhere.
I also wanted to let you know the books you sent are awesome. I am studying them like crazy. Interesting stuff.
4 July 2012
Just under 4 weeks of Sound Therapy
I have logged 257 hours thus far. I haven't seen any real change in the tinnitus yet, but I must say my singing voice is a bit stronger. I am able to easily sing some songs that were getting to the top of my range. So that is exciting.
May 2012
Dear Simone,
Thank you for all your support and great advice, I have managed to finally sit down and provide some feedback since commencing sound therapy. (commenced 12th April)
I have stuck to your program to the letter so to speak, combined with consulting a Chinese Acupuncturist I have already regained my hearing in my right ear and the tinnitus is greatly reduced.
Rob H
Perth, Western Australia
27 April 2012
My dizziness has disappeared! I feel that I sleep deeper. Very good
Carol P
March 2012
After 6 weeks of Sound Therapy
Simone, I love the unit so far. Love the small size. It cuts down negative mind chatter and relaxes my mind. So far, so good.
I have noticed that I am more relaxed and have had less depression.
Roy K
4 January 2012
I am delighted, in fact I am over the moon. I am so much better, it means the world to me. I was in a real dark place with my hearing and tinnitus but now I feel so much better about my life.
My tinnitus is much less intense and my hyperacusis has lessoned measurably after only thirty hours of listening.
Thankyou so much Simone.
I am telling all my friends about it, they are all happy for me.
-- After 300 hours --
I've got over 300hours listening under my belt now and I am able to listen for longer periods and can handle most of the music quite well.
I'm no longer isolated, mixing quite well and out of the woods so to speak. I've still a way to go but gaining confidence.
I like the music, well chosen pieces I think. I listen at low volumes it is soothing for me as well as healing.
Name withheld
Perth, Australia
10 August 2011 & 4 January 2012
It did wonders to my tinnitus, that's for sure, worth the money I spent for it!!!!!! Thank you SOUND THERAPY
Shirley Welsh
Western Australia
20 December 2011
One thing to report at this stage - Pete slept through the night last night, something that has only happened on a couple of occasions in the last 15+ years. He has also woken up refreshed the last 2 days. We look forward to more improvements.
October 2011
Perth, Western Australia
After 2 days of Sound Therapy
Well 6 months in at 5-6 hrs a day. I have been wearing hearing aids for 6 months, but decided to do a little experiment.
Took the aids out while I was watching TV and my partner turned the TV volume up and down without me seeing the volume number. It was amazing to realise that the volume I used to have it was always 24-28 but now (without aids) I can listen comfortably at 16!!!!!
We tried this exp a few times during the week, always the same. (My partner was always complaing how loud I had the TV.) LOL
Fantastic Simone!
Pete M
30 May 2011
hi Simone
i am noticing a few positive changes
my level of inner peace
more energy
better sleep
manual tasks eg gardening are more fun
ears feel more open
April 2011
After a few days of Sound Therapy
Sound Therapy is fantastic for an overtired baby!
We'd had friends over, and the little ones refused to go to sleep until after 9pm. Little Eva (2 years old) woke up 2 hours later screaming. She wasn't too hot or too cold. She didn't need a nappy change. She didn't appear to be unwell or in pain. If we asked her a question, such as whether she'd like a drink of milk, she'd stop for a moment to consider the question, then resume screaming. After 10 minutes of this, we figured that she was just overstimulated, so I decided to give Sound Therapy a go. I plugged my player into my ipillow and turned it on. Well! She instantly stopped screaming, sat up and asked for a drink of milk, and after she had finished her drink, she lay down on the ipillow and went to sleep. We were stunned.
Simone Carot Collins
Perth, Western Australia
I've been using sound therapy for 5 months now and it works my tinnitus is greatly improved. If you have tinnitus I would recomend (sic) to use sound therapy.
Name withheld
December 2010
I have been away overseas so only started on the Sound Therapy programme a little over a week ago. I'm already finding that I miss it when I don't get in 3 hours of listening - it's almost like I'm craving it! The classical music is of course an added bonus, but often I am listening on the train and in other noisy environments where I can't really hear it.
So far, I have noticed that my pitch perception has slightly improved, and also that I am hearing an area of my voice in a subtly different way, making it easier to sing. In fact, after not having been able to sing for over two weeks because of travelling, I found at my lesson that I was singing a very difficult aria from "Medea" with much more ease, despite only a couple of days practice.
As for the tinnitus, I have become aware that when I wake up some mornings it is no longer there. Comes back when I get up but that is still progress.
Irina K
Melbourne, Australia
June 2010
It's been 3 months since I have started using Sound Therapy and I have seen improvement. Before I wasn't even able to have a good night sleep due to the sound of my tinnitus which was loud but since I started Sound Therapy my tinnitus has gotten so low that I really have to be in a extremely silent room or concentrate on my tinnitus to hear it and I am able to sleep better and I have even better concentration when studying.
David Dolhomut
Montreal, Canada
17 January 2010
The first week back at school, Elizabeth my 5 year old daughter has got nothing but praise, and they don't know that she is in the classroom.
The comments from the teachers have been positive, I knew that sound therapy would work, but after only listening to 35 hours, the results speak for themselves, and no effort needed, just a goal to achieve the 100 hours and she gets to choose a toy.
She is much calmer, polite and we don't have to repeat ourselves. She is getting an honour certificate on Tuesday, for good behaviour. The teachers were so convinced that she had ADD, I knew she didn't, just needed to start the sound therapy.
Without sound therapy, I would be still pulling my hair and trying to stop the teachers from saying negative things. I am going to let her teachers read the book on sound therapy. Sound therapy is proven to work and Dr Tomatis is a genius.
Jodie Morton
Lesmurdie, Western Australia
18 October 2009
In one weeks time my tinnitus has disappeared. It is miraculous, it's big, it's something to celebrate today, tomorrow and forever, if God wants.
Last night, after weeks, in the bed I realized that the tremendous ringing in my right ear had disappeared.
I'm still listening to cassettes, my three hours minimum. I want this healing is lasting, and saying you will go another day with peace of mind. The principal and important is this: part of my healing, my health and the indescribable joy I feel at the moment. Thanks God, thanks to life … and of course sound therapy.
-- Three months later: --
It's been several months without any big, deafening sound or that which affects my wellbeing. Without any doubt, with the Sound Therapy cassettes, I could end this time of loud noise. There was no doctor that could give me a solution. Without any hope I gave in and used the cassettes. Why didn't I do that before!!!! In a week, the trumpets of Jerico disappeared, the national orchestra of Brandemburg disappeared. Can you imagine living with such a noise in your head? Thanks to God... I live without noise in my head.
David Cri
7 July 2009 & 4 October 2009
While working on the Basic Kit, my hearing has noticeably improved, and I have moments of improvement with my tinnitus.
Burt K
Oakland, California, USA
10 June 2009
I have been listening since Thursday (4 days). Interestingly enough, I had the volume on 2-3 because I could just hear it at that level and now I've turned it down to "1" because I can now just hear it at that level (now number "1" sounds the same sound level as "2" or "3" did).
Also, I went out to dinner last night to friends' house and normally I have trouble with dinner table conversations where there is more than one or two people and the only way I can manage is to turn my head to face each person when they speak (sometimes I'm too slow or sometimes people speak over one another and I'm lost!) but last night I did that a bit less than normal once I worked out I didn't need to do it so much. I still missed bits of conversation a couple of times (because what they said didn't make sense so I may have missed an important word here or there) but it was better than it has been in the past.
Debbie B
Melbourne, Australia
9 February 2009
The benefits overall (after 300 hours) were that my tinnitus did decrease in volume and my sleeping improved. Also my hearing seems to have gone back to normal and I can talk to people in crowded places again.
B Boyd
Perth, Western Australia
18 January 2009
I went to work, shopped, did housework and cooking at home and generally "lived" with the earphones in my ears (a strange sight for a middle-aged woman in 1984!!) I only listened with the music in the background, not loudly at all. After about three months or so my balance, which had been awful for many years, had gone back to normal. That was 25 years ago and I'm still the same today.
Shirley Cowburn
10 weeks and 300 [hours], my sleeping has improved a lot, my right tinnitus is getting softer and hardly noticeable, the left one was always a pain in the neck but it is less stressful now. I feel good.
H. F.
Denmark, Western Australia
31 July 2008
I lost 10% of my hearing by the age of 7 because of repeated ear infections. I then started playing the electronic organ at the age of 8 and always practised with it turned right up loud, despite repeated protests from my mother that I would damage my hearing. When I wasn't playing the organ I was listening to loud rock music on my walkman or cassette player in my room. By my teens, I had developed nois induced hearing loss, and a hearing test when I was 20 revealed that my hearing was worse than a 50 year old. The ENT specialist I saw told me nothing could be done, and to try not to make it any worse.
I stumbled across Sound Therapy when I was 26 when I found the book Sound Therapy: Music to Recharge Your Brain in a bookstore. I noticed positive changes with my sleep on the very first night, and within the first month I was having to turn the volume down, as what used to be soft for me was now uncomfortably loud!
I listened to Sound Therapy for 6 months all together. In that time I no longer had to constantly ask people to repeat themselves on the phone, my hearing improved enormously, and my tinnitus, which I had had constantly since age 14, had completed disappeared!
See Simone's full story.
Simone Carot Collins
Perth, Western Australia
February 2008
Using Sound Therapy has brought me remarkable peace - of ears and mind!
After extensive damage due to a long career performing in a loud rock band, I thought I would never hear 'silence' again. My tinnitus used to sound like a whining kettle going off inside my head which made me always tense and uncomfortable.
With regular use of Sound Therapy I no longer notice any annoying whistle. If I am exposed to a new loud sound (for example loud music in a club without ear plugs) I might hear that 'kettle' again the next morning, but a few days relaxing with Sound Therapy morning and night takes care of it. My favorite place to use it is in bed as I am reading a book - it's very soothing. Sound Therapy is easy and convenient and it works.
Fiona Horne
Lead singer "Def FX"
Los Angeles, USA
I've had Meniere's on and off for about ten years. I used to get so giddy I would have to call a doctor. It had become progressively worse, and I'd have an attack about once a fortnight. My attacks made me nauseous, and I'd get diarrhoea with it. If an attack happened at night, my husband had to take me to hospital for a shot of stematil or maxilon. I tried SERC, multi B forte and changed my diet, with little improvement.
I started listening to Sound Therapy for three hours a day, and it was about eight weeks before I noticed a difference. I became able to go up to three months without an attack or feeling giddy, and I've only had to have one shot in the last year, when I cut back to two hours listening a day. I'm back up to three hours a day listening now and I can't speak highly enough of it. Sound Therapy is a miracle for me, to change such a debilitating thing.
Name withheld
For the first time in many years I am able to lie and go to sleep without taking any pills! This alone makes me feel like a new person, not to be tied to the bottle of tranquilizers at bed time and particularly to wake up after 4-5 hours of sleep feeling totally refreshed and no morning 'blahs'. My memory is much clearer as are my thought processes as well as my writing ability.
Wanda Harrison
Michigan, USA
I have noticed a remarkable change in my child's speech. The results were tremendous. The child is speaking in longer sentences, with more detail in speech. I am convinced that Sound Therapy really WORKS!
Mrs Marjorie Karpan
Saskatchewan, Canada
I suffered from Tinnitus for several years until it reached the stage where it was difficult to go to sleep. I consulted a doctor who advised that there was nothing that could be done to cure the problem.
My wife then bought me a set of four of your Sound Therapy tapes. After several months the annoyance had abated considerably and for years now I haven't the slightest sign of it returning.
Nevell Phelps
Moree, NSW, Australia
I have Parkinson’s Disease. I lie down every day and put on my headphones and go into a very peaceful and restful sleep.
I think Sound Therapy is beneficial to the stress that this malady brings on. Depression seems to be one of the worst side effects, and this is where Sound Therapy works wonders, making me feel re-enforced to carry on my daily tasks.
Marjorie Noyes
White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
In the first week I must have listened to in excess of 70 hours. I was so excited I literally lived with my Sound Therapy. When I slept, I slept like a rock. Then my ears started to ache, all the dizziness and deep bone soreness! As suddenly as all the symptoms came, they one by one disappeared, but as each disappeared there was a gift of some new ability.
The fatigue, for example, was not only alleviated, it was totally gone, with energy to burn. There was this new intensity to my workouts, my work had a new spark, and my life felt energised. When the ear aches dispersed, there came a new sense of balance and proprioception. There was clarity in my brain, not just in my mind.
Sarkis Houeihi
Sydney, Australia
I have realized too that I have improved mentally - I seem to be more positive, brighter, and much less prone to feelings of despair, unworthiness etc. My friends have noticed quite a difference in me - more than I have, as the changes have been gradual.
Patricia Proenza
London, England
After a hearing test 3 years ago, I was fitted with hearing aids, which proved helpful. After several months the tinnitus in the right ear was so strong that the aid was useless.
When I learned about Sound Therapy I purchased the book which I found fascinating, so I tried the program. For several months I persevered with the treatment and I now realise my hearing has improved so that I can now do without the aids.
This was confirmed recently when I was examined by an ear, nose and throat specialist, who said that I had the hearing of a woman of 40 - I am 87! Now I can hear the Bell Birds unaided.
Gladys Irwin
West Pennant Hills, New South Wales, Australia
It was pure accident that I heard Patricia Joudry being interviewed on radio. The word tinnitus caught my attention, and I began the Sound Therapy.
My tinnitus, which my doctor said was incurable, was cured after several weeks of 3 hours a day listening. I had tinnitus for two years - and it was SHEER HEAVEN when it stopped - not to have incessant ringing in my ears. It also gives me a sense of well being. I am lending the book to my doctor!
Gertrude Rempel Brown
Vancouver, Canada
I've always had bad concentration and memory. I also have what I call dyslexic hearing. People talk to me but I have no idea what they are saying most times. It makes no sense to me and I just shut off.
The first time I listened to Sound Therapy was just a quick listen of a friend's. I didn't even really know what it was. I'd just had a huge fight with my boyfriend and was extremely upset. Within seconds of listening to the music, it calmed me down a lot.
My concentration has improved enormously. I can read a book now without my mind wandering, and I only need to read it once because it makes sense the first time. My conversations have improved also because people's words make sense now and don't seem all jumbled.
Madonna Schoonder
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
I used to take hours to get to sleep. Now 10 minutes. My husband is now doing the therapy and for starters has stopped snoring.
Helen Schatzley
A two and a half year old boy in our program was being naughty and playing on his Mum since the birth of a new baby in the family. Mum was obviously stressed and at her wits end. She bought the Family Program and used it herself all day for the first day. When they next came in I would not have known the little boy to be the same child! It is so important for mothers to be calm and supported in coping with the demands of parenting and I have seen how much Sound Therapy can help with this. A calm parent has a calmer child!
Helen Milbourne
GymbaROO Teacher
Four years ago I developed a problem with blocked Eustachian tubes whenever I flew. Not being able to hear people properly was very frustrating, irritating and isolating. Any pleasure in attending events was replaced with anxiety at not being able to be myself as I had to struggle so much with being attentive to conversations.
Occasionally, this problem would rectify itself on the return flight as the plane was taking off but eventually I would suffer for weeks (then months) at a time with blocked ears. This problem persisted until I decided to use Sound Therapy a year ago.
When my ears "popped" within three days of starting the treatment, I realised that my hearing had been worse than I thought! I cannot express the relief of having my hearing restored. Irritability and that strange sensation of disorientation simply evaporated with it.
I have flown many times since starting Sound Therapy and have not had painful ears or blocked Eustachian tubes. Besides, I also ensure that this will not recur as I listen to Sound Therapy when I fly, so enjoy the other benefit of arriving refreshed and energetic. Sound Therapy is such as wonderful experience in so many ways.
Andrea Blackman
Kiama NSW, Australia
Because of epilepsy I have always had to take dental work cold turkey, no anaesthetic. If I take the anaesthetic it means an instant epileptic seizure. Even when I did not take it, a few hours later at home I would still have a seizure of six or eight hours duration.
It was mid-September when I started using Sound therapy, very faithfully from four to ten hours a day. In February I had a cavity to be filled and wasn't even dreading it. I had the tapes running while I sat in the chair, with the dentist working on my tooth. I was as relaxed as if I was sitting in the recliner chair in my own living room. I was hardly aware of the drill (that had to be a first). This was something I had never experienced before in my entire life. There have been many times when I had to be carried literally out of the dentist's office, driven home and carried into the house, and it would be hours before I started functioning. This time, I felt so very good, and when I got home, no seizure, I didn't even have to lie down, but crocheted for a while and played the guitar for a few hours.
I was paralysed about thirty years ago with spinal meningitis, and have tended to have bad falls ever since. Sound Therapy has helped my spasticity and caused a noticeable improvement in my walking. My feet were quite toed-in, but now I actually walk with both feet pointing straight ahead.
I sleep better, am calmer, and wake up ready to get up and start the day. The tapes are worth three times their weight in gold to me.
Kathleen Boyd Sharp
So far the therapy has completely eliminated my attacks of Meniere's Syndrome - a miracle!
Rupert Francis
Lower Templestowe, Australia
The greatest benefit that Sound Therapy has had for me so far is in the area of hearing. I have a noticeable improvement in hearing and need less volume on my Walkman all the time.
Also, I'm aware of having acquired the capacity for more highs. Most important of all for a musician, I am getting closer to pitch. I find I'm able to compensate the tuning which is required on any string instrument.
With the increase in musical perception I am getting much more critical of sound. I firmly believe that a person who was tone deaf would be able to change that condition with Sound Therapy.
Ed Rohner
President of United Fretters Ltd
Saskatoon, Canada
My wife and I were travelling up to Queensland... It was a long trip and I listened for 14 hours straight. I kept a little notebook and I monitored my hours. I got very sore ears from having the ear pieces in. Eventually I think I got to about 168 hours and I suddenly realized I didn't have any tinnitus any more! It was a pretty amazing thing to have all this quietness.
Kelvin Pleming
Panel beater
My pain is not as sharp and my sleep is less. The colours are beautiful. They stand out heaps and are richer and brighter. Reading - there are more gaps in between the letters. They stand out more now. This has helped a lot for me. Life is so much easier now. But of course I feel like a new person. The world has changed a lot.
Larissa Amy
Sydney, Australia
13 year old girl with ADD and higher functioning autism
There have been changes, which I hardly dare believe are happening. There has been a reawakening of the musical 'spark' within me.
Having been trained as a pianist and taken a degree in Music and also composed, my life seemed to fall apart in my early twenties, when suffering a severely strained shoulder which didn't seem to get better. This was accompanied by mental misery and there seemed to be a gradual withdrawing of the creative energy, as playing was always accompanied by physical pain and mental anguish.
As life got more complicated in many areas I gave up piano teaching and stopped practicing, since there was no spark there, no desire. Only pain and guilt at not having developed a God-given gift.
That was fifteen years ago, so what is happening now, the beginning of a reawakening, is for me a miracle. Although physically much stiffer and with aches and pains, I am so thrilled that the fire inside has been re-ignited, even if it is a small flame. I have recently composed a piece of music, which although not in original style, is at least a beginning.
I have realized too that I have improved mentally - I seem to be more positive, brighter, and much less prone to feelings of despair, unworthiness etc. My friends have noticed quite a difference in me - more than I have, as the changes have been gradual.
Patricia Proenza
Pianist & Composer
London UK
I have done things in the last year which I have been putting off for 10 years.
P.J. Talty
My experience of hearing as a child was disastrous with numerous infections and abscesses in my ears throughout my childhood. I then amplified the problem with industrial deafness and tinnitus, caused by working as an electrician amongst loud machinery and hammer drills. This led to nerve deafness and tinnitus which I was told was irreversible, and an ear operation.
I chose the Joudry Sound Therapy because I like the ease of use and the portability. I can drive around in the car using it, I can have conversations with people with the therapy still working, and I can wear it to bed. I sleep better, I'm more relaxed and I have more energy.
Probaby the most dramatic result I've seen was stopping my tinnitus. I've had expectations about a lot of things, but this one really worked. The hearing improvement has been a great boon for me, but in terms of my quality of life, stopping the tinnitus has made the biggest difference to me.
Ian Patterson
Melbourne, Australia

I did experience the energy breakthrough. For about a week prior, I had found myself literally at loose ends, unable to make decisions, not really wanting to do ANYTHING.
On Tuesday the 17th, I had to force myself to get up at 10:30 am and dragged through the rest of the day and evening. The next morning I awoke feeling like a new person, so full of energy I couldn't decide what to do first. This is a new experience for me! I simply can't believe how much energy I have!
Wanda Harrison
Michigan, USA
I have Parkinson's Disease. I lie down every day and put on my headphones and go into a very peaceful and restful sleep. I think Sound Therapy is beneficial to the stress that this malady brings on. Depression seems to be one of the worst side effects, and this is where Sound Therapy works wonders, making me feel re-enforced to carry on my daily tasks.
Marjorie Noyes
Twelve months ago, I was diagnosed with Menieres. A recent re-examination by the same specialist revealed no Menieres symptoms. There has been a slight hearing improvement as well.
Graham Winders
I have recently been working a twelve hour shift, doing private duty on a stressful case. Before Sound Therapy, I did well to get out of bed and work just eight hours, and never kept a clean house. During this case, I am able to do chores at home too. I listen a short time and get twice the amount of projects accomplished.
Reba Adams
Texas, USA
I have suffered with hearing loss and tinnitus since 1995. I tried everything there is to try in the past to help the tinnitus and found no relief. I began sound therapy on October 4th, 2007.
The tinnitus is hardly noticeable anymore during the day. And I have no trouble going to sleep at night. If the tinnitus wakes me up too early in the morning, I simply put my headphones on and am usually able to go back to sleep.
My last visit to the Otologist showed no further hearing loss since my previous audiogram, 2 years prior.
Because of sound therapy, I feel like I have my life back. I am handling stress better than ever and the sadness that I had experienced due to the tinnitus has lifted.
I welcome anyone to email me ( if you have questions about my experience with Sound Therapy. I will be happy to communicate with you.
Cindy Reinker
I now wake earlier with less tossing and turning, and my dreams are less scary.
T.H. Robillard
Before I began using the Sound Therapy tapes my hearing was becoming progressively worse. Ear specialists told me it was caused by nerve damage, therefore there was nothing which could be done for me. They said the ringing in my ears would become louder as time went on, thereby reducing my ability to hear.
I purchased an 'in the ear model' hearing aid after I found their predictions to be correct. My hearing did indeed deteriorate. I found I had to wear the hearing aid more and more as time went on, to a point where I was wearing it 80% of the time.
After about 3 weeks of beginning the Sound Therapy, the ringing in my ears began to subside. Along with that my hearing also began to improve. One day I felt something almost like a minor earthquake taking place deep within my ears. Since then my hearing has improved to such an extent that I seldom have to use my hearing aid. I am able to function quite well without it now, after 7 months of Sound Therapy.
I am able to sleep better and can do with much less sleep than previously required.
Dan Stuckel
Alberta, Canada
Not only has Sound Therapy enhanced my learning capabilities, but it has greatly increased my confidence in speaking.
Being a graduate student means that you must be able to speak with authority to groups of highly intelligent people. In the past I have been too shy and self-doubting to give such presentations with any confidence. They were the most anxiety-provoking situations of my life. My hands used to shake and I would be wet with perspiration before beginning to speak.
Not anymore.
I carry my Sony Walkman and tapes in my briefcase, and for a time before speaking I immerse myself in the recharging sounds of the music. I find then that I am perfectly at ease before large groups, and my presentations go without a hitch.
Sound Therapy has helped me so much with my professional life that I've given it my own special name; I call it Confidence Therapy, because confidence was the area in which I was most lacking, and I now feel like a new man!
Jeff Johnson
Buffalo, USA
I awake deeply rested and with a supply of energy which remains constant throughout my long days.
Courtney Milne
About eight years ago, I read an article in a Women's magazine about the damaging effects of loud noise on our hearing. Sound Therapy was mentioned.
Since I was suffering of frequent ringing in my ears, was very sensitive to noise, with frequent headaches etc, I rang the phone number given on the article.
I read the book in one sitting. I was so impressed, that immediately after reading it, I purchased the tapes. I have said many times since, that the few hundred dollars I spent buying the tapes was the best investment I ever made for my health. From the very first moment I started listening , I knew they were going to do me good.
I couldn't get enough. I listened for 6 hours straight. That same night I slept with my headphones on. I was amazed and very pleased.
A few months later, the ringing in my ears, my regular dizzy spells, and my headaches, were largely gone. I felt so energized that I went from needing 8-9 hours sleep a night, to only 7. Many times since, I have woken up feeling fully rested after only 5 or 6 hours of sleep.
Sound Therapy has certainly made a great difference to the enjoyment of my life. My ears and I are very grateful.
Julia Angel Gulenc
Moorabin, Victoria, Australia
I am writing to you to let you know the benefits I have been receiving from the sound therapy program. I have been listening now for 370 hours.
I am interested in music and play the guitar. It has not been easy in the past re-stringing the instrument and tuning up as Tinnitus has got in the way of hearing some of the higher frequency sounds. However I have experienced a reduction of the level of tinnitus in the right ear and a different perception of the way I have experienced tinntus in the left ear so some dynamic must be shifting!. Overall my practice of the guitar has improved greatly, with much more spontaneity and flow.
Thank you so much for your sound therapy program, it is really proving valuable in my life.
Tony Richards
My son Jamie was diagnosed, at age three, as haing "Severe Speech Dyspraxia". This disorder, I was told, would mean years of intensive speech therapy.
I started Jamie on Sound Therapy and found after a short time his progress with his speech therapy increased. Jamie used Sound Therapy for 3 months and continued speech therapy for another year. I firmly believe that without the Sound Therapy his progress would have been much slower.
I require less sleep to 're-charge'.
Barbara Braithwaite
After less than sixty hours of listening, suddenly, incredibly, new sounds were singing in my ears. I had assumed I'd always heard them, but it is amazing how much we hear, yet do not hear.
I am now acutely conscious of sound, all sound, including my own voice which I can now control. Octavizing up or down is now easily accomplished. It is the sound therapy that has gifted me with this new awareness.
Further amazement came. When properly energized, the body can function on very little sleep. I have always required eight hours of heavy duty sleep. Now I often wake up in the night, after only three to four hours sleep, snap my eyes open, stretch and feel ready to tackle whatever may be coming my way.
Linda Taylor Anderson
Florida, USA
I no longer feel as though I have stones to walk over or hills to climb or books I cannot read. I am far more creative and happy.
Jean Walker
About four years ago I started getting ringing in the left ear, followed by light-headedness and dizziness. Sometimes I couldn't stand without falling. This I was getting about once a month, then twice a month, soon twice a week and not long later three or four times a day. My doctor told me I had Meniere's Syndrome, which is a problem of the inner ear past the stirrup. There wasn't much that could be done; I would just have to put up with it. Being my age was 53, I knew I would be quite some time putting up with this problem.
Then I heard about Sound Therapy. I bought the Sony Walkman and tapes. Now, four months later, I have no light-headedness and dizziness, and the ringing in my left ear has gone. The hearing in my left ear has also improved. I can't express how much Sound Therapy has done for me. I am never dragged out and tired any more. I can stay up very late at night and still get up rested early in the morning. Also, I don't get uptight and stressed about the little setbacks of the day, but can just relax and take them in my stride. I even find it easier to talk to people - am not so shy! It's like a new life.
Darrell Johnson
Saskatchewan, Canada
I have been listening to these tapes each night and I have noticed an improvement with my singing and music. It's as though a "veil" has been lifted from my ears and my hearing of the notes and sound vibrations is so much clearer and guitar playing has been more enjoyable.
Lillian Strong
Perth, Western Australia
Three days after beginning Sound Therapy I travelled by coach to Brisbane, normally an exhausting procedure, playing the tapes throughout the journey, slept soundly and arrived full of energy into heat wave conditions, spent the afternoon sight seeing at a rapid pace.
The second benefit was being able to to cut my sleeping time down from nine to seven hours per night for the first time in my life, thus enabling me to get more done. The extra energy has been such a bonus that I don't care about the acuity of my hearing though I'm sure it's much improved.
I don't go anywhere without my Walkman, tapes and battery charger. Even walking round the city is not the exhausting experience it used to be.
Margaret Owen
Balgowah, NSW
Whenever I had background music and a conversation going on at the same time, it was impossible for me to hear the conversation, it was very frustrating. I thought I must be close to a hearing aid for myself at this rate.
I could not stand music very loud at all. It was as if my ears were going to explode from the inside out with the pressure I felt inside them, which would quickly result in a bad headache.
The other trouble I had was when someone spoke to me I would always say; "Sorry, what did you say?" and before they could finish repeating, I would know what they had said. It was like slow-motion delayed action. I read the Sound Therapy book, which made me understand my problem and it was a great relief I can tell you. I wasn't going mad or deaf. Whew!
I have been using Sound Therapy for 6 months now. At first I experienced some sleepless nights (which was not really usual for me). 2 am I'm awake and that was sleep for me done. I'm over that now, I sleep better than I have slept for ten years.
My hearing has improved immensely. I no longer say, 'Sorry, what did you say?' I hear the first time.
Thank you, Sound Therapy. I was quite miserable before, now I am a much happier person. Thanks to the help of Sound Therapy. To anyone that is shy of this, just try it. It's great.
Mrs Graham
Stockton, NSW, Australia
I would be at a meeting where I had to present the findings of a piece of research and all of a sudden, I would lose the thread of what I was trying to say. Also, I often had great difficulty in finding the right words. As a result of Sound Therapy these problems have eased considerably.
Probably the most spectacular result was my sleeping patterns. After about a month on the therapy I started to sleep very soundly.
Dr Vera Sauran
The children's poetry album, Let's Recite, has been a Godsend for my hearing impaired students. They love it! Their attention spans have increased dramatically since they have been listening regularly to the program. My one very hyperactive youngster has settled down to her schoolwork because she knows she can listen to the album as soon as she's finished. Sound Therapy has become a reward!
It's amazing to me that for the 35 years that I have been teaching hearing imparied children, this is the first auditory training program that uses only speech to which the children can listen comfortably. Patricia's speech is articulate and soothing. You have chosen the poems carefully so that they are amusing and hold the children's interest as well.
Donalda Alder
Teacher of the Hearing Impaired
Long Beach, California, USA
I suffer from a mild, erratic but progressive dyslexia and a reversal of (brain) sphere dominance. Improvement - as well as more patience, better listening capacity, more empathy for my writing students, decreased anxiety and depression and fatigue - has been steady and I am tremendously enthusiastic about sound therapy.
Cynthia Connell Davis
Rhode Island, USA
I think that anyone that has Meniere's would say it's horrific, if they have the severe type. I ended up in the hospital, on one occasion, because I couldn't stop vomiting and you feel as though you are falling through the floor. You are lying on the floor and you are hanging onto the floor virtually in terror because you feel as if you are flying backwards. It's the balance in the middle ear that's affected... it's terrifying, to the point where I was almost suicidal at one stage. I said "I won't live with this, I will have to leave the planet." From I've heard, anyone that's ever had it feels the same way. They don't really want to live, you lose interest in life, it's such a shocking feeling. No one can describe it, you have to experience it. So fortunately Ii didn't panic, I found ways to control it.
Sound Therapy and chelation therapy stopped my Meniere's attacks entirely. Like all natural therapy it can't hurt you, and it very well could help.
Lee Heffele
Deep, refreshing sleep - requirements shortened by 1-2 hours.
Hans Wuelfert
I am very happy to report that within the last month I discoverd that I am not deaf on arriving at Wodonga/Albury or Wangarata, which are considerably lower than Beechworth! It wa sa real thrill I can assure you, and when coming back to Beechworth I did not feel the pressures in my head when climbing back up the hill.
I used the therapy on my return plane trip to Auckland and was thrilled to find at each destination I had no hearing problems whatsoever! It was incredible in view of my lack of hearing on previous journeys, and I can't say enough praise of my all round benefits when people ask me what I am doing! It has given me courage to attempt further travels.
Ruth Arnott
Beechworth, Victoria, Australia
A few months ago, singing some folksongs for my own pleasure, I realized I had more ability to strike the right notes than before. And when I speak, my voice, which I disliked until recently, is gradually becoming more resonant, warm, and well controlled. All thanks to the Sound Therapy cassettes and Walkman.
Claude Heppell
Quebec, Canada
My sleep is markedly improved. I now have deep, restful sleep and wake without any hangover of drowsiness.
Mrs P. Campden
Our son has been on the Sound Therapy program for two years and it has helped him to overcome his learning disabilities. He started off listening all day and all night to complete his first 300 hours. He is allowed to listen to the tapes in his classes at school. His letter grade at school has increased from a C to where he is now on the B Plus Honour roll. It happened that he was asked to give a testimony in a court case about the experience of having dyslexia, and he ended up telling the Judge all about his experience with Sound Therapy to the great interest of the Judge!
Mrs Joyce Saben
Vancouver, Canada
I find myself able and willing to communicate with people. It is easier to smile and reciprocate love.
William A. Whiteside
I suffer from MS and have been listening to the Sound Therapy tapes for about three months. I have had great luck in stabilizing my energy and can carry on normally. Nothing else I have done has helped me the way the tapes have.
The M stands for multiple or many, and so I need to do a lot of things, but the tapes really have helped bring it all together and make it worthwhile. They are a life saver to me. They also keep headaches at bay.
Lorna Graham
Nebraska, USA
I am married with two children, Sarah age 11 and Cayden age 7. When Sarah was 6 yrs old, she was diagnosed with ADHD. At this time, I had no knowledge of any other children with ADHD and felt very alone in our journey. My husband and I began to work with teachers, search for HELP regarding diet info, natural products and counselling. We have had a bumpy 4 years together, and at times almost not together (If you know what I mean). One and a half years later after trying several herbal products including omega 3 oils, we decided to trial Ritalin. While Ritalin has helped Sarah to have the ability to concentrate, learn in the school environment, and achieve above average reading, readable writing and above average maths, I have never been at ease with it. The guilt of having your beautiful, fun loving, creative daughter on psychiatric drugs daily has been heavy on our hearts and minds. I am not against Ritalin; I'm not saying that it's wrong; I'm saying that it's hard. I have been longing for the right solution, for us. I must say that we have also tried dietary changes and are now focusing mainly on synthetic sugars, colour, dairy and preservatives. A naturopath helped us the most with this. I know this sounds impossible however I find small steps best, so we do our best to keep all of these things at an absolute minimum. I now know that Sarah is an Indigo child and her vibrant personality and creativity are some of her unique strengths and she will achieve her own goals.
Sarah is 11 now and about two months ago Lesley told me about Sound Therapy. Like everything we have tried, I spoke to Sarah about it and we decided together that she would try it. WOW!!!!! Sarah listens to her tapes at bedtime and falls asleep listening to them. We noticed within weeks that her hyper times had become less and she was a much more pleasant person to be around in the mornings and evenings (outside Ritalin hours). Now that Sarah had listened for at least 100 hours, we took her off her Ritalin. Before sound therapy, 5 days without Ritalin would make for an explosive, stressful and upsetting household for all. Sarah would become excessively emotional and at times uncontrollable. Well, it's been 10 days and Sarah is 90% better. She has very "normal" moments of conflict and upset. She is eating more and I am enjoying her bubbly personality more frequently. I say to you, if you are looking for information, guidance and help with any of your family or yourself, I'm here to tell you first hand that this has worked for us.
Annette Imms
New Zealand
The beauty of the treatment is that I don't have to listen to the music. Often I am almost unaware of it... It is my intention to keep on listening and continue to enjoy better hearing.
Robert Lindstrom
I felt always harried, often exhausted and needed eight or nine hours sleep a night; now five or six suffice, and I awake deeply rested and with a supply of energy which remains constant throughout my long days.
Courtney Milne
Saskatchewan, Canada
I have begun an experiment with a man who has been in and out of psychiatric wards for the past twenty-five years. He is presently home but goes to a day care centre. I loaned him my music tapes and my Gregorian Chant tape. He has been listening for two weeks now, and says his depression is lifting, and also says, 'I feel alive between my ears for the first time in twenty-five years.'
Reba Adams
When I was in the German army in January 1944, I had an infection of both inner ears and the Eustachian tubes. Because my temperature was only slightly elevated I was given a few Aspros. The greater part of the problem then became chronic.
A year later I was a gunner in a light armoured car. During gunnery exercise there was a malfunction in the 2cm gun which caused some kind of explosion. Fortunately all the hatches were open, but I had little sense of hearing or sense of balance for a few days.
The result of both incidents was tinnitus with a combination of sounds. My ear drums tended to feel sucked in, quite uncomfortable at times, often I could not pop them out when I blew my nose with nostrils blocked.
In 1979 a sinus condition developed which I blamed on the type of chalk I was sing as a teacher.
After 2 months of Sound Therapy (330 hours), this is my assessment:
- Sinus condition has improved gradually and is about 80% better in general.
- Eustachian tubes improved about 50%.
- Left ear: much lighter noise of a higher pitch, congestion far less, about 70% better.
- Right ear: very slight ringing, some congestion left, about 90% better.
Generally speaking, I feel that a considerable change has been going on within me and apparently still is.
Hans Wuelfert
Lavington NSW, Australia
My son Aaron, aged 10, was diagnosed as Attention Deficit Disorder, formally Hyperkinetic Syndrome. In December I read about Sound Therapy and the possibilities of this helping hyperactive children. We purchased the tapes at Easter, and Aaron started therapy. A week and a half later, at a teacher interview, his teacher remarked that he was so much more calm and pleasant. She said "I had my first decent religion class because Aaron didn't butt in and interrupt. Is he on medication or what?" I confessed that Aaron had started Sound Therapy but I didn't think it necessary to tell the teachers. "Whatever it is," she said, "keep it up, because whatever it's doing is helping him." Two weeks later I asked the teacher if Aaron could listen to the tapes during school. Now he takes his Walkman to school and does his three hours in the a.m. All around, Aaron is much more relaxed with himself and with others. Because of his attitude I have been able to introduce new foods into his diet to determine which food groups he is really sensitive to. With Aaron's new positive approach, his life can only get better
Mary Ann Scherr
Yorkton, Sakatchewan, Canada
I have played flute for many years but since listening to the tapes, my tone has a richer quality and my singing voice is purer with richer harmonics. I keep wondering how could this be? Is it my imagination? But no, I am sure the tapes have helped open up some part of my brain/ear/neck/posture, maybe all four!!
Jocelyn Bealt
New Plymouth New Zealand
I have always required eight hours of heavy duty sleep. Now I often wake up in the night, after only three to four hours sleep, snap my eyes open, stretch and feel ready to tackle whatever may be coming my way. I do not always rise to the occasion, preferring the comfort and warmth of the bed. But there is none of the old tossing and turning. I lie peacefully, pursuing my ranging thoughts, making promises and programs for the hours and days to come, as I am now able to concentrate my energy into a basic force that is not easily sidetracked.
I see others fade; I am fresh and eager for the next encounter. If I feel the approach of tiredness, I simply lie down for a few minutes with the music and drift into rest, rising calmed, refreshed and ready to carry on.
Linda Taylor Anderson
Florida, USA
More alert, able to converse better, sharper wits.
Judith Gray
If I feel tired and I listen to the tapes, I instantly recover./dd>
Wendy Smith
My son Jason, has benefited greatly from the use of the Sound Therapy tapes and the nutritional supplements for his ADHD. Jason listens to the tapes mainly at night and has never complained or not wanted to listen to them. He settles a lot easier and quicker within 10mins. Then there is the 'miracle' of the supplements for the ear and brain. I say miracle because Jason's behaviour was of great concern and stress for our family. If I had not seen the differences in my child, I would have thought that this was a gimmick. However, it's not. My son is less aggressive, calmer, less fidgety, able to concentrate better and more centred.
His behaviour in the school classroom has improved immensely and his schoolwork is steadily improving along with his self-esteem and confidence.
It is evident through the positive changes my son has experienced that even after a short period of using the tapes and natural ADHD remedy (2months) it is beneficial.
My husband and I send you a heartfelt thankyou for all your help and time. Words cannot express the relief and gratitude we feel with finally finding a natural solution for our son.
Liz Rayner
Sydney, Australia
In the early part of 1989, I began to suffer from Tinnitus and only by mid 1989 had received medical advice that nothing could be done about it. I read the Sound Therapy book from cover to cover at least four times, and each time put it down - convinced that it was just too good to be true.
I mentioned it to a member of our local library, who told me that her daughter was using the tapes and "wished that she had started 2 years earlier." So I decided to try them, without any great hopes or expectations.
I had been listening for approximately 100 hours when I suddenly became aware that the Tinnitus whistle had stopped - I wasn't sure WHEN it stopped - but it had. Since then I have periodically been aware of the whistle but by relaxing my head muscles for about 2 minutes - it disappears.
About the same time I noticed distinct improvement in hearing to my left ear - there had been noticeable loss in that ear for about 3 years.
I had a client who served in the Royal Navy during the last War - in Gun turrets on board ships in action. His hearing was affected to the extent that one had to raise ones voice when conversing with him. After my hearing improvement I started talking to him about Sound Therapy - and eventually found him with his Walkman and tapes. A few weeks later I received a phone call at 11 p.m. one evening. It was my client - and his message was that "I thought I would ring and let you know that I have just heard my wife's Microwave 'BEEP' for the first time." 'Nuff said!
I do not know what response others will get from the tapes. I can only say that I have been VERY, VERY satisfied.
Flick Evans
Somers, Victoria, Australia
It has been almost 4 years now since you sent us your Sound Therapy kit (for my autistic son, Ramon Victorino.) Although we can hardly quantify the results brought about by this Sound Therapy, my son who is now 9 years old is beginning to read. Again, thank you so much.
Felisa Mendiola
Public speaking much improved, being more confident and relaxed around people.
Max Gray
My immersion into the world of Sound Therapy has had several positive results. A strikingly noticeable one was in my work as musical performer and composer, where my creative potential was dramatically opened up. The compliments I am receiving for my concerts, where improvisation is a key, are more numerous and enthusiastic, and this from contemporaries and audiences alike.
Herbert Spanier
Performer & Composer
Toronto, Canada
My son, Marty, was diagnosed as dyslexic and has had special education since Grade 1. He started using the Sound Therapy tapes during Grade 8. School authorities, counsellors and special education teachers, on evaluating Marty after the first Grade 8 term, were all of the opinion that he would be unable to complete the grade because of his problems (lack of reading comprehension, inattention, short-term memory difficulties). However, we were able to persuade them to keep him in his present school and to give the tapes a chance to work.
Marty used the tapes overnight, every night for nine months, and he himself reported improved hearing and concentration after about three weeks. The best news of all came after six weeks when he came home from school very excitedly and said, "you know, those tapes are making me smarter! I was half way through an essay this morning and realised that I had actually heard and understood the teacher. I knew the answers and it was easy to write them down!" From then on, even though Marty never became a scholar, his previously strained expression grew happy and relaxed. His ability to deal with Math and English improved greatly. He left school after Grade 10, and is now working at a full-time job and has no trouble at all with the math and language skills he needs. I should add that our other son, David, also used the tapes, for improved concentration and memory. After a few weeks we noticed that his very bent back had straightened right up - and has stayed that way.
Pat Engbers
British Columbia, Canada
It's a wonder! Your sound therapy has helped really.
One morning, it was the 22nd of August, I suddenly noticed that the noises on the left ear had gone. I switched on the television to look if the speakers words are more clearly, and they were. I couldn't believe and knocked on wooden things - Germans do that to make sure that a situation will stay long. I didn't tell Jurgen but the whole day I put the buttons in and off the ears to make sure there are still no noises.
Up to this day I have no noises in the left ear and can hear very well the whole day. At first (my doctor) wasn't very interested. The audiogram tells him the truth. My left ear is as good as it has been before all the trouble began. He has never had a patient whose ears had become better again, when they had been as bad as mine.
Annaliese Palsans
Ahrensburg, Germany
I always felt the ground was moving, as if I was walking on a waterbed or something unstable. I didn't know that other people didn't experience this. Riding in a car I would have to watch the road all the time, even as a passenger. If anyone took a sharp turn or changed directions quickly while driving, it would really throw me out and make me feel ill, so I realised that I must Have a problem with my vestibular system.
After I started using Sound Therapy, I felt as though the earth was stable for the first time in my life. After Sound Therapy, when that sense of constant motion stopped, I straight away felt more confident because I was more secure in my own body. It was the most amazing feeling. It also changed my peripheral vision and I believe part of that was the vestibular system settling down. I noticed that I had better depth perception, so instead of seeing everything as flat, I could see in 3D - depth was added to my world!"
Jeanette McKay
Perth, Western Australia
Our eleven year old son reports that he "never slept better in his whole life." He had been troubled with terrible nightmares. He now will not part with, nor go to bed without Tape # 1 in your program. Thank you so much.
Helen Hill
Saskatchewan, Canada
I listened dutifully to the tapes for over 200 hours (averaging 6 to 7 hours a day) until a remarkable change occurred in my sleeping patterns. I began to awake at 5:30 in the morning after 5 to 6 hours sleep, and was fully refreshed and ready to leap into action. Previously I needed 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep per night.
I am now a morning member of a gym and have plenty of time to pursue study interests, all before leaving for work. I am continuing to listen and maintain my new sleeping patterns.
I have also noticed that I rarely get a stiff neck working at my desk. I often listen while engaged in work and find my concentration is excellent.
I feel I am very lucky to have accidentally discovered Sound Therapy and would heartily recommend it to anyone, particularly those wanting to get more out of life.
A 29 year old lawyer
Our son John is in Grade six and showing terrific improvement in reading since beginning on the Sound Therapy tapes two months ago. He says a lot of people don't even know he has dyslexia anymore. His teachers are amazed and thrilled. We are so excited because last year John was in a special program but this year he's in a normal classroom situation. He was on medication for his learning disability but now he's off the Ritalin.
Judy & Gerrit Westerhof
I have spent a lifetime surrounded by a good deal of noise, but always had sufficient energy until about 1972. I was building my house and using power saws and an assortment of very loud motorized tools. After less than a year of this, my energy level dropped to virtually nil - five minutes of work followed by thirty minutes of rest. It got progressively worse, and I was very worried. Loud sounds drove me frantic.
Sound Therapy has transformed my life. I've been listening to the tapes for two months, and while I started feeling subtle effects almost immediately, the real change occurred about five weeks into the program.
I teach piano at Morehead State University. Piano playing became extremely difficult for me. It got so I could hardly stand to do it. I have played publicly only three or four times since then, with three to five year rests between performances, and I was never satisfied with the results. It always seemed as if a short circuit existed in my expressive mechanism. I was aware of a lack of connection in the heart area and the parallel area in the spine, and worked very hard to think it together. Needless to say, it never worked.
Well, let me tell you! My sound has changed, and I love to play! The playing experience has been transformed. I seem to be hearing back the sound that I go for, and that affects the way I make the next sound. The musical cycle is now complete. With the experience of musical sounds being so greatly deepened and expanded, I am liking music which previously bored me and adoring music which I previously liked OK. The implications for the learning and teaching of music with this therapy are vast.
I have had an elusive speech problem since childhood. Sometimes the speech was fluent and easy; other times it simply would not come out. I literally could not talk. Most people were not aware of it, since I 'cleverly' disguised my problem by acting 'professorial' - thinking a lot and talking very little and slowly. All of this had a devastating effect on my personality, creating mood swings which were violent and unexpected. Resultingly, depression became an old, old friend.
Now this is all changed. I can talk! Mood swings are very mild and no longer a problem. I truly feel that I am being myself for the first time in my life. I know who I am. Energy is greatly increased; stamina and endurance greatly improved. I sleep from two to four hours a night and awake feeling marvellous. Just call me Lazarus!
James Bragg
Kentucky, USA
I have had some beautiful benefits from using the tapes - trebled energy, less sleep needed, steadier moods, more focused concentration - and I have notes in the top of my vocal range which are brand new.
And a few months later:
My voice continues to soar eaglebound in new ways!
Melanie King
Melbourne, Australia
My five year old son, Quannah, has always been very hyperactive with an energy that just bounces off the walls. He also showed a lot of anger. I obtained the Sound Therapy story tapes and let him listen to these for an hour or so each day, letting him feel that it was a privilege and in no way forcing it on him. In about two weeks there was a noticeable change in his behaviour. He became very quiet and calm, and somehow mellow. He also seemed much happier.
Brandy Graham
Saskatchewan, Canada