Home based treatments for optimal ear and brain health

After 16 years of providing assistance to hundreds of people around the world as a senior sound therapy consultant, I am no longer taking on new listeners. (You can read my background story on this!)

While I will continue to support those with existing Sound Therapy programs, including organising replacement devices and accessories, I am no longer endorsing / selling those programs.

Instead, there are some exciting programs on newer technologies that I recommend, which you can access directly from the companies below at a discounted rate using these links:

Get 10% off SOUNDSORY

SOUNDSORY is a multi-sensory home-based program which consists of specially designed music processed with neuro-acoustic modifications as well as a series of movement-based exercises. It helps improve motor and cognitive abilities, and is great for

  • Motor delays, balance and coordination
  • Autism spectrum and developmental delays
  • Sensory and auditory processing disorders
  • ADD and ADHD

The program is 30 minutes a day for 40 days.

Get 10% off FORBRAIN

Use your voice to boost your brain! This revolutionary bone conduction headphone enables you to use your own voice to improve speech and language functions, including auditory processing, attention, memory and more. It only takes a few minutes a day for at least 6 weeks!

Receive an additional 10% off any other specials offered by ForBrain by using the code: 3A0200686